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The digital key – the Trident

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

The digital code of ETC symbols of consciousness is a trident. A trident accompanies Neptune, the god of sea in myths.

A trident is analogous to information cell of human being.

But between information cell and a trident there is a fundamental difference.

Information cell gives the total evaluation of the level of human consciousness. A trident indicates that consciousness of human being corresponds to the fourth level, and includes three previous levels, common to each other.

ETC inform that first and second levels of consciousness correspond to inorganic nature of stars and planets. Third level of consciousness – to organic nature – plants and animals. Fourth level of consciousness corresponds to human being. So consciousness of human being includes three previous levels and in ETC symbolic is presented by a trident. 


Trident is mostly represented in the Nazca Lines. The largest image of the trident - a rock painting «Candelabrum of Paracas» in height 250 m, shown in the 400-meter slope of the coastal cliffs of the peninsula Paracas in Peru.

Candelabrum of Paracas – the digital key to deciphering ETC pictograms – opens gallery of the Nazca Lines.

Trident in the Nazca Lines

In the Nazca Lines trident is presented as a head of a Spider, feet of Hummingbird and other Birds. Dancing Hands also consists of tridents etc.

Trident in crop circles

Two pictograms caused a sensation around the world in the 90s contain tridents and information cells.

Long pictogram on June 12 1999 contains information cells and tridents too.


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