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The Ark of the Covenant Indicates the Way of Salvation




The Ark of the Covenant is a pictogram that by the symbolism of consciousness indicates to mankind the only way of salvation from coming global cataclysms through the Transition and the General resurrection at the Highest level of the material world. Two groups of people are vividly represented, which are necessary to create and incredible amplification a laser beam of the Transition. The last location of the Ark of the Covenant is considered to be Aksum in Ethiopia, the ancient super high obelisks of which depict laser beams for the Transition. The giant Olmec heads with Negroid face features made from black basalt also indicate to the obeliscs of Aksum in Africa. From the Gulf of Mexico - the epicenters of the first and second preliminary cataclysms, Olmec heads show humanity the only way to salvation.







The coronavirus pandemic will be immediately stopped by the worldwide prayer-meditation, which will cause the action of the united consciousness of mankind.  At the agreed time, all mankind has to unite consciousness with a single goal - to stop coronavirus, after which to hold prayer-meditation. In order to significantly strengthen the action, it is necessary to deliberately overturn consciousness from hate to love, brotherhood and mutual understanding. In the collective prayer-meditation should take part all people of Earth regardless of religion, gender, skin color, age, etc.

 Please help to hold the worldwide prayer-meditation as soon as possible. The proposed time is Tuesday, March 17, at 18:00 Moscow time.







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Apocalypse already started up. The staggering power of its blows will cause shock, fear and panic of civilization, an overwhelming hopelessness and doomed obedience. However, to these feelings of despair we cannot obey. To mankind already was given from the Above the only way of salvation - the Transition to the Highest level of the material world for continuation of life through the General Resurrection, as well as Instructions for its realization. In the turbulent future events each of us, in spite of everything, constantly and very strictly has to remember the main goal – life of civilization has to be continued! Audible across the whole Earth the gnashing of tectonic plates breaking North American continent before the first preliminary cataclysm, resembling the sound of a shofar, as the call to the Transition. It's life important not to be late!


  Russia begins the predetermined from the Above mission of salvation of mankind


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The categorical ban on the use of the Russian national flag at the Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 2018 and its replacement on the Olympic flag marked the beginning of the predetermined from the Above mission for Russia of saving humanity from the deadly blows of the apocalypse. So, the international community handed to Russia the banner of the Transition. This means that the cataclysms of the apocalypse, breaking up and destroying entire continents, will begin, most likely, already this year and it is Russia that will offer mankind the only way of salvation. For simultaneous acquaintance of all mankind with radical changes in its life, the largest international event – the Olympic Games – was chosen from the Above. As a result, all people of the world with their own eyes suddenly saw the beginning of new mission of Russia and clearly delineated boundary between the past life and the beginning of incredibly hard struggle for its continuation. Extraterrestrial civilizations through Russia reveal to mankind the scenario of the apocalypse and the only way to salvation.


The miracle of action for immortality of humanity

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The state of the planet today demonstrates complete readiness for the beginning of blows of the apocalypse of incredible power and necessity of the Transition of civilization to the secure Highest level of the material world for continuation of life. The basis of the Transition is the action of the united consciousness, represented by the sign of Power. This sign was given to mankind from the Above already in prehistoric times and has the ability to operate the consciousness of people. The sign of Power became secret and was used by rulers to achieve power, wealth, health and beauty. It was carefully hidden from most people. About the great secret of the sign of Power knew Nostradamus, «The time will come, and the great Power will be available to all people, and the golden age of mankind will come, and it will last forever.» Today this time has come, and extraterrestrial civilizations gave mankind the detailed Instructions how to use the magical power of the united consciousness action to achieve the golden era of immortality. The action of the united consciousness manifests the Menorah – one of the oldest symbols of Judaism.


In memory of Marina Lavrentievna Popovich


 00 Заставка 00 E


Today, at the eve of global cataclysms' beginning,the assertion of Marina Popovich - legendary military test pilot, as well as many famous scientists and researchers, pilots and cosmonauts about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations is especially important. Extraterrestrials indicated to mankind the only way for salvation and continue life - the Transition on the safe Highest level of the material world through the general resurrection. With this purpose, extraterrestrial civilizations gave mankind detailed Instructions for the Transition, represented by the symbolic of consciousness. They presented the Instructions in numerous stone complexes built around the world, which formed the System of Information Transmission. Russian scientists Victoria Popova and Lidia Andrianova decoded these Instructions with the help of given from the Above the two keys to the symbolism of consciousness.



Angkor Wat – a common team of the Transition

of Earth Civilization


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Angkor Wat by symbols of consciousness transmits the detailed Instructions of extraterrestrial civilizations for the Transition and continuation of life before the beginning of global cataclysms. For the Transition is necessary to ignite the laser beams by the action of the united consciousness of civilization. The sun effect that occurs above the main tower of Angkor Wat twice a year – at the days of autumn and spring equinoxes, as well as on the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza, indicates the dates of the first and second preliminary cataclysms of apocalypse. The basis of the Transition of mankind is a deep mutual understanding and love of all people of Earth, connected by a common destiny.


Stone faces of Bayon - meditation of mankind for the Transition


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The faces of Bayon are humanity in a state of meditation, which united consciousness for the Transition. Thus, the last stage of the struggle for the continuation of life is demonstrated. Towers with Faces contain three levels of information on height.Synchronization of consciousness through breathing to create a uniformly resonant environment of consciousness reveals the Terrace of Elephants. The apocalypse consists of two phases. The first of them is the rapid restructuring of natural processes as a result of quantitative and qualitative transformations. The second phase is the beginning of natural blows of incredible power. The decoding of the complex of Bayon marks the beginning of the second phase.


The stepped pyramid of death Koh Ker about the epicenter of the apocalypse cataclysms in the Mexican Gulf and the Transition


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Created by extraterrestrial civilizations, the stepped pyramid Koh Ker, known as pyramid of death, resembling by its shape the Mesoamerican stepped Mayan pyramids, warns humanity about the epicenters in the Gulf of Mexico of the first and second preliminary cataclysms of the apocalypse, where many similar pyramids are located. These cataclysms will destroy many countries of Europe and Asia, will split and almost completely destroy the North American continent. The pyramid of Koch Ker reveals Earth civilization the only way to continue life through the Transition to the parallel Highest level of the material world and the general resurrection. All information is transmitted through the symbolism of consciousness.



Angkor Wat, Preah Vihear and the step pyramid of Koh Ker - the pyramid of death – by the road of apocalypse


 0 Застаака 800


If in Angkor Wat extraterrestrial civilizations reveal in details the Instructions for the Transition and indicate the dates of the first two preliminary cataclysms, then in Preah Vihear is presented the chain of all major blows of the apocalypse.In addition, in the province of Preah Vihear there is a stepped pyramid of Koh Ker, known as the pyramid of death. And this is not surprising. The pyramid of Koh Ker informs about the epicenter of the first two preliminary cataclysms in the Gulf of Mexico – located in Cambodia, it has the shape of the Mesoamerican stepped Mayan pyramids, placed in region of the Mexican Gulf.  The information is presented in three parts. Part 1. Preah Vihear. By the road of apocalypse. Part 2. Preah Vihear is the prototype of the apocalypse’ events. Part 3. Tsunami of apocalypse and the wings of the Transition. KohKer. Informationtechnologiesofextraterrestrials.


Serpents of Angkor Wat warn about the hidden

threat of destruction


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Countless serpents of Angkor Wat presented as bas-reliefs and statues, covering roofs and entrances with their bodies, as well as rising to the top of the towers, warn the Earth civilization of the hidden threat of destruction. They warn about fury of global cataclysms and call upon humanity to unite consciousness for the Transition on the basis of mutual understanding and love. This information is especially important today on the eve of apocalypse beginning.


Mound fields around Angkor Wat about

brotherhood of mankind


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Numerous mound fields, located in the form of circle grid around Angkor Wat, discovered in a result of laser scanning of the earth's surface under thick jungles, inform about the necessity to unify consciousness of mankind for continuation of life. This is the quintessence of the information transmitted by Angkor Wat, which gives these mound fields the incredible power of the summoning. With what goal, why and how – to all these questions answers Angkor Wat. Thus, without decoding of Angkor Wat, the content of the pictograms of the mound fields and spirals is meaningless.



 Mystery of the geoglyphs reveals symbolic of consciousness


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The Mystery of steppe geoglyphs of Turgai; the geoglyphs discovered after deforestation of the tropical forests in the Amazon basin and on the bottom of the dried-up Aral Sea, and also the Nazca Lines, reveals symbolic of consciousness All geoglyphs call upon humanity to unite consciousness for the continuation of life. The information transmitted by the symbolic of consciousness warns about the imminent death of civilization while maintaining the individual mode of consciousness. This information is especially important today on the eve of the onset of global cataclysms on the planet.




13-th Towers Chankillo – the Observatory of Warnings



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Solar effects on the 13-th towers reveal the dates of the three preliminary cataclysms of the apocalypse. The complex Chankillo also calls for unification of consciousness of civilization for the Transition and continuation of life and gives the brief Instructions. Thus, the 13-th towers Chankillo is the observatory of warnings.




5777 and 2017 – the years of start up of the strongest cataclysms




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Nostradamus claims that 5777 year on the Jewish calendar that already has come, and the upcoming 2017 – is start time of the strongest catastrophes on the planet. «Сommon blood will flood the earth, people will live with closed mouths and unpredictable will come» i.e. radiation, as the result of destruction of nuclear power plants. It's the time when «the dead will rise from their graves». E. Cayce reinforces this information by the prediction about the 44-th President of the USA, as the last. Casey's prophecy indicates that in the period close to the date of inauguration of the 45th US President on January 20, 2017, has to occur a natural disaster of incredible power.Most possible that it will happen in Italy, where according to the prediction of saint Malachy before the apocalypse will be destroyed Rome-Vatican. Prophets endow Russia the great role of savior of the world and all of humanity which will transit into the new stage of evolution.



MegaQuake – Mega Tsunami.

San Andreas - New York


 заставка 800


Today, the San Andreas Fault has become world famous due to the expected catastrophe - the historic MegaQuake accompanied by a tsunami. However, extraterrestrials and the predictions of Edgar Cayce inform that the San Andreas mega-earthquake in the western part of US is not a separate event, but the beginning of a chain of cataclysms of apocalypse. This is a preamble of the first of three pre-cataclysms of the End of the World, more powerful and destructive, which already as mega tsunami will hit the eastern part of North America. Despite the predictions of E.Cayce about the last 44-th President of the US, cataclysms of the apocalypse possibly will not begin this year. Despite of E. Cayce' predictions about the last 44-th President of the US, cataclysms of the apocalypse possibly will not begin this year. However, the date that he pointed, means that they are already on the threshold. Extraterrestrials not give the year of the beginning of the apocalypse, but they present the scenario of these events.



 The Obelisk of Axum – is the laser beam for the Transition – the triumph of human consciousness




The Olmec colossal heads on the Gulf Coast - from the crater of the cataclysm - indicate on the obelisks of Africa, which depict the laser beams created by the by the united consciousness of humanity for the Transition on the Highest level of the material world as the only way of salvation. The ornament of the Obelisk of Aksum through symbols of consciousness transmits the detailed Instructions that include the creation of homogeneous- resonant structure of the united consciousness of civilization, as the main stage of the Transition, based on mutual understanding and love. The predictions of Edgar Cayce about the last the 44-th President of the United States means that the blows of the three pre-cataclysms have to start this year. That is why, the creation of the laser beam of incredible power that depicts the Obelisk of Aksum, is the major goal of humanity for the continuation of life.


Rome opens the beginning of cataclysms on the planet


 00 500


Disclosed dates of three pre-cataclysms, which will occur within one year before the beginning of global. Start of cataclysms will define strong blow, which will destroy Rome, according to the prediction of St. Malachy. This blow will happen either prior to the first pre-cataclysm, or immediately thereafter. The purpose of this blow is to inform humanity about the produced from the Above replacement of the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. The first and the second pre-cataclysms will occur one after another in the nearest to the destruction of Rome days of autumn and spring equinoxes, respectively. Between the first and the second pre-cataclysms it is necessary to make the Transition to the safety Highest level of the material world, in spite of the high levels of radiation, which will arise on the planet after the first pre-cataclysm. The third pre-cataclysm will occur in the date of summer solstice, almost during one year, after the blow in Rome. Disclosed dates of beginning of preliminary cataclysms indicate that these events are very close. Knowledge of pre-cataclysms dates will allow humanity to win the fight for the continuation of life through the general resurrection. 



The Parthenon and Petra were created by extraterrestrials and reveal the secret of the Number of the beast 666

х500 sharp


The Parthenon and other ancient Greek temples, which ornaments contain triglyphs-tridents with guttaes, as well as rock cities Petra in Jordan and Mada'in Saleh in Saudi Arabia was built by extraterrestrial civilizations. This statement is based on analog and digital symbolic of consciousness of extraterrestrial civilizations presented in ornaments of all these complexes with the main symbol – a trident and guttaes, which form the block «666». This block, known as «the Number of the beast», warns humanity about mortal danger for the Transition into the new cycle of life deep individuality of our consciousness of carbon nature. However, the most important, the block «666» reveals the only way for salvation in global cataclysms under the unification of consciousness for the Transition. Complete identity of the ornaments of the Parthenon and Petra is the guide to action.


Petra – the Instructions of the Fiery Bible for the Transition


500 last 

Extraterrestrial civilizations had built on Earth two types of complexes. Some of them, warning about mortal danger, are giving the dates of three preliminary cataclysms, others - show the way to salvation. World famous Petra in Jordan - the seventh wonder of the world – by warning of the mortal danger of the future, does not indicate the dates of the pre-cataclysms. Petra transfers to humanity the detailed Instructions for the Transition. Based on the dates of pre-cataclysms and the Instructions, mankind will be able to continue life in the beginning of global cataclysms.



Last 112th Pope «Peter the Roman» is the Russian scientist




The abdication of Benedict XVI is artificially interrupted from Above process of 111th Pope reign for appearance of the 112th pope «Peter the Roman» - the Russian scientist Victoria Popova with the mission of civilization’ salvation from global cataclysms using given from Above two new keys of heaven. So, the hope of the world will come from Russia as Edgar Cayce predicted. These two new keys to the symbolism of consciousness are needed to read the Instruction for the Transition of mankind to the kingdom of heaven – the Highest level of the material world into a new cycle of life through the general resurrection. The Transition through the united consciousness is the only way of salvation given from Above. New keys given from Above is the main criterion for the recognition of «Peter the Roman». However, the emergence of the 112th pope, «Peter the Roman» according to the prediction of St. Malachy, means the beginning of Armageddon. Nostradamus also informed that the Woman in tiara – Pope with new keys of heaven will appear simultaneously with the beginning of the apocalypse. A lightning strike in the dome of the Basilica, erected over the tomb of the Apostle Peter, that came shortly after the resignation of Benedict XVI, marked the end of the popes’ line initiated by St. Peter and the beginning of the apocalypse.


Nostradamus: The Woman with the Instructions for the Transition – is the direct descendant of King David


It is considered that Nostradamus presented some of his predictions in the pictures. By warning humanity about the beginning of global cataclysms, which will be accompanied by moving of tectonic plates, he reveals the direct descendant of King David – the Woman whom are transferred from the Above the Instructions for humanity’ Transition to the secure Highest level of the material world, and indicate the date of her birth. To the Woman are given from the Above also two keys for reading these Instructions written in symbols of consciousness. That’ s why in many pictures Nostradamus portrays the Woman in the papal tiara. All stages of the Transition to the new cycle of life to immortality through the universal resurrection are entrusted from the Above to transfer to mankind to the Woman and her sister – the direct descendants of King David. Decoding of Nostradamus' pictures are presented in five parts. 


Nostradamus: The Woman with the keys marks the beginning of cataclysms


Pictures of Nostradamus inform: simultaneously with the cataclysm of enormous destructive power, which will lead to the emergence in the world of high radiation level, and will mark the beginning of global cataclysms of the planet’ destruction, will appear the Woman with the two keys given to her from the Above for reading the Instructions, written in symbols of consciousness for humanity's Transition to the safe Highest level of the material world. These are just the keys to the kingdom of heaven, that’s why the Woman is depicted in the tiara, which is the arrow-pointer meaning that just to her were given from the Above the two real keys. This woman is a direct descendant of King David. The Transition is the only way of salvation specified from the Above. So, before the start of global cataclysms from the Above was made the replacement of the keys– the symbolic keys, which owned the papacy nearly two millennia, on the real keys. The Transition of mankind will happen if humanity overcomes its nature and turns over consciousness from hate to mutual understanding and love. Incredible importance of this decision highlights the inverted cross of St. Peter.



Nostradamus: The Blow of the Red Cancer




In the picture the Red Cancer Nostradamus informs about the features of the third of three preliminary cataclysms of incredible destructive power associated with high-temperature processes and the huge loss of people. He reveals the causes of cataclysms – the divergence of tectonic plates, and also warns about the occurrence of high levels of radiation on the planet. From the Above is given only way of salvation – humanity has to leave the level of the Crystal structures, where it now lives, and to make the Transition to the safe Highest level of the material world through the unification of consciousness and caused by it the laser beam. The Transition has to be made before the second preliminary cataclysm, because the remaining number of people will not be able to start the mechanism of the Transition and will be destroyed by global cataclysms of the planet’ destruction beginning soon.About all this information warns also Stonehenge and other complexes with the effect of solar beam.



Nostradamus: Revolution of humanity’ consciousness for the Transition



The Transition of humanity into the next cycle of life to another level of the material world, as well as the causes and events that will force mankind to make it – that is the main leitmotif of Nostradamus’ drawings-pictograms. Inverted upside down Big Leo shows that humanity has radically to overturn the consciousness from hate – to love and mutual understanding. Three poses of Lion – lying, jumping and running, in which he is depicted in the pictures - show three phases of a laser beam for the Transition.


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The System of the Universe

The System of the Universe consists of three levels. Decoding of crop circles through ETC symbolic is the entrance to the new for humanity world of the Universe – the Information – world of consciousness. The material world is the system of parallel worlds. We live on the lowest level of them.

Life-cycles of humanity

The complete life-cycle of mankind consists of two cycles – the Consciousnesses and the Corrections. In the Consciousness cycle today we make decisions. In the Correction cycle a forced correction by fire will happen. It is hell and paradise. Do good today – very little time is left!

Five levels of consciousness in the universe

All ETC messages are about consciousness. In the universe five levels of consciousness develop. First and second levels correspond to inorganic nature of stars and planets. Third level of consciousness corresponds to organic nature of planets. Fourth level – to individual consciousness of human being. Fifth the highest level is the united consciousness of mankind.

Carbon – the basis of our life

ETC in thousands of crop circles inform that the structure of individual information cell of human being is determined by features of carbon. Carbon is a basis of life on Earth. In the universe civilizations with different basis of life, for example, silicon also exist. Consciousness of these civilizations is more perfect, and cell each of them has a thinner border. It allows caring out deeper unification of consciousness necessary for teleportation at flights in the universe.

Autobiography of ETC

ETC presented their autobiography in crop circles and the Nazca Lines pictograms. ETC has passed consciousnesses perfection already on eleven planets. Their mission is unification of consciousness in the universe.

Principle of ETC communication

ETC presented their principle of communication in the crop circle – the answer to Arecibo message. This principle is based on the united consciousness action. ETC cannot speak and communicate by thought-thought only.

Information Technologies

All ETC objects are created by information technology based on the united consciousness action. So, in merge of huge blocks borders are revealed properties of the Information world in which there is neither space, nor time. The united consciousness action transfers objects to another higher sublevel of the material world to change the gravity, i.e. weight of objects and other properties.




How the Universe Was Born

The Big Bang designated the beginning of the universe new cycle– its birth. A huge block of ordered part of the Information world about 14 billion years ago simultaneously transferred into the material world. The universe is a unified system of consciousness perfection and its unification.

Why Galaxies Run Away

At transition of information area into the material world always the process of transformation of information clot in material objects happens. This process of stratification and expansion we also observe today in the Universe as run away galaxies. Thus, our universe is expanding.


In the visible part of the universe, as scientists note, over 90% of stars are the same size as the sun. These stars of medium size can form planetary systems where matured consciousness of mankind like us will gradually develop. This is the spring of the universe, when in galaxies buds of consciousness blossom.


The universe is a set of various mechanisms of consciousness improvement on strict algorithms. Stars-men do not form planetary systems, but stars-women like our sun create them. Objects get to the Energy dump and the Cemetery of planets after the end of the cycle of consciousness development. Black holes are vacuum cleaners of the universe.


Two groups of planets in the solar system - terrestrial and gas are planets of past, present and future development of consciousness. Planets of the past where consciousness had already developed include gas planets – Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and also Pluto and Mars. Planet of the present is the Earth. Planets of the future development of consciousness - close and far – are Venus and Mercury.

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