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Easter Island Reveals Its Secrets

based on materials of the book by V. Popova, L. Andrianova «Despair of Moai of Easter Island»

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2010

Today Easter Island or Rapa Nui is a complete mystery whichever way you look at it.  Nothing is clear. Questions come even on how arose Peruvian plants, including, totoro reeds and a sweet potato. However, in the process of our research Easter Island gradually transformed from unsolved puzzle into a standard project of creation of artificial island, but extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC). ETC decided to tell mankind about our future and for this purpose they constructed a volcanic island on which have begun to carry out one of the most amazing (for us) engineering designs.

A deep fog of mystery shrouding Easter Island, has gradually dissipated

First of all, a territory with a certain landscape was made, and then also according to the conceived project for presentation of this pictogram certain elements have been created.

Unknown flight of Totoro

One look at the lake of the volcano Rano Raraku has caused a storm of emotions between botanists. No, scientists and researchers were amazed not by magical beauty of a freshwater lake in the crater of a long extinct volcano.

Totora reeds from the lake Titicaca on volcano coast Rano Kau

A storm of emotions among botanists have caused reeds. Totoro reeds, which as it is known grows only on the Lake Titicaca in Peru. One the same elementary question on botany swept as a whirlwind and screwed into the depths of the brain: how???? How a plant related to a purely American species could get to Easter Island. This freshwater totoro

Monocotyledons plant totoro weed forms extensive thickets on coast of freshwater lakes. The trihedral stalk and highly elongated upper knee, usually with an inflorescence are known to every botanist.

This totoro weed caused a whole storm among scientists

Totoro reeds, as it is known are a perfect material for building houses, boats, etc. This is the main construction material for residents of Easter Island and a raw material for wattle products. From totoro are made even mats. Boats from totoro easily slide over sea waves, and the most importantly their property - they are unsinkable. Natives of Peru planted totoro for the same purposes as Rapanui people on Easter Island.

Skottsberg, the Swedish botanist and researcher of Antarctic asserted that totora weeds could be brought to Easter Island only by people because this plant does not propagated by seed, but only by new shoots arising on root suckers. Skottsberg pointed out that, apparently, the natives brought to Easter Island this South American fresh-water plant, which is not capable of overcoming the way of thousands of miles either by sea or by air. So, the question with totoro remained unresolved...

But not only just totora weeds have caused bewilderment among botanists. Scientists have to think also about mystery of sweet potato.

There was a same question: how American yam has appeared on Easter Island? Tubers of yam, by which it multiplies, quickly spoil in sea water and could not get on island with ocean currents. Moreover, scientists asserted that tubers of yam, without land could preserve germination, no more than one or one and a half months. Expedition of Thor Heyerdahl on «Kon-Tiki» has proven that a trip to Easter Island required at least three months. So, it was necessary to transport a plant in the ground. Thus, how went the spread of sweet potato on such big distances, is still the subject of scientific dispute.

Not only totora weed and yam raised questions. On Easter Island there were also many other plants with similar questions on possibility of occurrence on the island. Thus, till now the question on how plants from Peru have got to Easter Island remained unresolved. The answer is given by extraterrestrial civilizations.

ETC, creating Easter Island, have taken care of people who were supposed to live here. Considering extreme remoteness of island, they have moved from Peru plants of the first necessity for food and construction, so that people could somehow arrange their lives. ETC have created the set of plants similar to the one they have made in Peru. Botanists have counted on Easter Island more 30 such plants. Among are them totoro and sweet potatoes.

Information technology of ETC is based on an action of the unified consciousness

Researchers note that on the island incredible opportunities of people do not obey the laws of logic. How moai were manufactured and installed? It required immense efforts and huge expenses of work? This is one of the major mysteries of Easter Island. How inhabitants of island without use of technology lifted multi-ton stone caps on big enough height and carefully set them up on heads of idols? It's unclear also how ancient architects managed to move on the big distances completely finished polished statues of idols, without having damaged them.

Actually, all this work made extraterrestrial civilizations, using an information technology. Works on Easter Island not differ from the performance of all others works created extraterrestrial civilizations in different parts of globe. Just like everywhere else, ETC conducted them

The signature of extraterrestrial civilizations which cannot be forged

Information technology of extraterrestrial civilizations is distinguished by a seamless way of connection of stones at which between them it is impossible to insert even a razor edge. This way is revealed the feature of the information world in which there is neither spaces, nor time. Merge of stones is a result of the united consciousness action. It arises at realization of the set goal and arisen rearrangements in the Information world.

Often in the masonry of big or even huge multi-ton stones extraterrestrial civilizations insert a small quadrangular element of the same material. Thus, they make welding of edges of inserter with the main stone array. The similar impregnations which form a carved masonry-mosaic can be seen also in other works of extraterrestrial civilizations – in different countries and even on different continents.

It’s like a signature of extraterrestrial civilizations, their «facsimile» which clearly shows features of information technology. Even today it is practically impossible to forge this «signature». ETC made it for purpose in order to fell away all doubts at once, whose is this work.

On Easter Island a seamless masonry of ahu Vinapu with a quadrangular insertion means the transition from individual consciousness to the united. It shows the use of ETC information technology. This precision masonry without a mortar has joined without a clearance very heavy multi-ton basalt blocks weighing about seven tons.

Carved masonry of ahu Vinapu resembles masonry of walls in Cusco, Peru which belong to pre-Inca period. This discovery indicates on widespread universal application of information technology by ETC and throws a bridge between Easter Island and Peru in South America.

However, ETC worked on Earth not to amaze us with their skill. They try to convince us in the need to unite consciousness of civilization for the Transition into a new cycle of life.

ETC themselves pointed people the way to the island through channeling in a sleep

The legend about the first Aboriginal natives of island proves that ETC have shown people a way to island through channeling in a dream by giving the major landmarks, among them the volcano Rano Kau, and located near it three islands, which in sleep have been given even a name that means' «children standing in water».

People who have arrived on island have seen enormous statues and walking idols. Later were born legends about supernatural god-send power manna with the help of which idols walked by themselves. By this moment ETC have already stopped all works on the island.

All works on Easter Island ETC produced by the action of the united consciousness. Multiton moai ten and more meters in height walking on the island is a demonstration of a special ETC program started and running through the action of the united consciousness also and showing unattainable for us miracle of their information technology

Symbols of consciousness is the basis of Rongorongo writing

People, who have arrived to Easter Island, used the image of ETC symbols of consciousness. Rapanui people have transferred petroglyphs with symbols of consciousness from rocks on the body like a tattoo.

Native aboriginal people copied extraterrestrial civilization’s symbolism also on plates, adding their images of fish, boats, oars, and others. This set of symbols of consciousness was named as rongorongo writing. The rongorongo symbolic consists of 800 various graphic signs.

Unfinished pictogram of Easter Island - a special method

Extraterrestrial civilizations have understood that if the pictogram on Easter Island would have been completely finished, people of Earth would have found an explanation to all wonders on the island, which would be deeply and strongly confirmed by scientists – archeologists, historians and others. Everything would be interconnected, and the hypothesis about the construction of Easter Island made by extraterrestrial civilizations would have been simply unacceptable.

To prevent this, extraterrestrials decided to use a special method. They did not build the pictogram up to the end. Actually, they have created only visibility of its incompleteness – on Easter Island are presented all elements for complete decoding of the pictogram. So, ETC made the degree of readiness of their project to possibility of decoding for those whom will be given the key.

Informed civilization has more chances to save life

In many messages especially in crop circles of 2010 extraterrestrial civilizations tell about the need for the widest spread of information about the upcoming cataclysms. Among them is crop circle appeared 21 June, Wiltshire, England. ETC point on the exit – through the united consciousness of civilization to make the Transition to another safe level of the material world.

Civilization should be aware that by means of consciousness it is possible to make transitions to different parallel levels of the material worlds. Extraterrestrial civilizations assert that informed in advance civilization can form united consciousness much faster and, thereby has more chances to safe and continue life.

On Easter Island two levels of consciousness of civilization are presented. The informed and unprepared civilizations are shown by two types of idols.

One type – it's statues without eyes, made of grey tuff. Empty eye-sockets of idols show that they are blind. So by blind moai extraterrestrial civilizations have represented mankind before receiving knowledge about existence of the Information world and need of the Transition.

The second type - statues with red сaps on their heads with red pupils from coral, standing on pedestals-ahu. By sighted moai is represented already shined with knowledge and prepared mankind. These moai have widely open huge eyes. These are not wandering in darkness of ignorance blind humanity, but people confident in their future. They are already aware about the Information world and clearly see their path. They understand that unification of consciousness of civilization and the Transition to other level of the material world in a new life cycle is the only way of salvation from the upcoming global cataclysms.

Today, people who can not use the Internet are also compared with blind and deaf.

The principle of color separation of information

Let's consider moai as pictogram of ETC and read its image in conformity with the dictionary of ETC symbols of consciousness.

In order to show the fundamental difference between representations of human being on two levels of the Universe extraterrestrials introduced two colors - gray and red. With the help of gray, they portrayed the material world, and red color denotes the information world.

In the Information world the image of human being is represented by an individual information cell. An information cell is the key to analogue principle of coding of ETC messages. An information cell is presented by a circle with dark ring – an external border.  Dark circle in the centre is a brain area. Area of body is located between a brain area and external border.



At association of two people consciousness a brain area in each individual cell expands and shifts to a border for information exchange. Two individual cells form a common cell of the united consciousness.  As a result a brain area of the united cell extends. Association of consciousness in ETC symbolic looks so.


For individual and united cells a range of a brain area expansion is various. So, the individual cell has a small brain area (fig. 1). The united cell of two or several people has slightly expanded area of a brain (fig. 2). Consciousness association of large quantity of people with the uniform purpose corresponds to considerably extended brain area (fig. 3). A brain area of civilization united consciousness cell will occupy almost all the cell.


Thus, the statue of idol with a red cap, weighting several tons, made of volcanic rock is a representation of human being at two levels of the Universe:

• a body image of the idol from a gray tuff is a representation of human being in the material world;
• a red cap and eyes present information cells. This is a representation of human being in the Information world. A small top part in the center of an idol’ cap corresponds to a small brain area of an individual cell. A large top part in the center of moai’ cap corresponds to expanded brain area of united consciousness cell of people.


Tukuturi points out an exit

Moai Tukuturi is the only idol in a kneeling posture at Rano Raraku. This unusual moai has beard. Researches note that kneeling position and a beard distinguish Tukuturi from standard moai. Tukuturi is one of the few made of red scoria from Puna Pau, but sits at Rano Raraku. What message does Tukuturi transmit to us? Tukuturi represents the Information world which contains extremely important message for life of humanity.

Together with the message on inevitability of future cataclysms, idol Tukuturi simultaneously transmits a way out of this critical situation. Large ears of moai are intended to hear this information and to begin to see clearly!

It turns out that for continuation of life we should make the Transition to other level of the material world where cataclysms do not happen. The new cycle of our life will begin there. We can make this Transition through association of consciousness of all civilization of Earth.

A kneeling pose of moai Tukuturi informs that Earth humanity has to obey the instruction about the Transition for continuation of life.

If we do not realize the great importance of this information and will not make the Transition, the life of our civilization will break. This information is represented by suddenly interrupted avenue of blind moai.

To carry out this instruction idols stand in groups on platforms waiting for a synchronization signal. Moai on ahu-pedestals with red caps and red pupils of eyes show that for mankind’ Transition is necessary to unite consciousness of all people. This statement many time repeats a continuous dotted line consisting of ahu-pedestals with idols standing one after another and creating a contour of Easter Island.

Crest of Rano Raraku– a turning-point in consciousness of people

The volcano Rano Raraku is a place of birth and development of human’ consciousness which depict stone idols and the main stages of this process of evolution are presented.

Small idols with rugged facial features, located inside a crater of Rano Raraku volcano, depict initial low level of people’ consciousness before receiving the commandments.

Unlike of them on the outer part of the volcano are located high and beautiful statues. However, in order to appear on the external part of the volcano it was necessary to pass over a crest. So, after receiving the commandments people have overcome this major crucial stage of consciousness development.


The volcano crest represents a turning-point in consciousness of people, meaning the commandments. Enriched by knowledge of the commandments the developing consciousness leads people forward the road of evolution. This way is shown as a path with idols. Many generations of people already walked along this road depicted by moai installed above and below this trail. This is mankind going forward on the road of individual consciousness improving.

However, this mankind is blind. It is represented by beautiful high idols, but … with empty eye-sockets.

On the volcano Rano Raraku people are blind because in their image there is no red color of the Information world. On this mountain Rano Raraku sits only a small red idol Tukuturi, kneeled down. However he is great. His great value for people means that he tells humanity about the Information world.

The moment of mankind enlightenment

On ahu-pedestals are shown already other people. They are put in full growth with completely formed body, fingers and eyes. However, without legs...

Through absence of feet extraterrestrial civilizations brought to our attention that we have nowhere to run. Because the Easter island, as our Earth - a small piece of land in the vast ocean of the universe. Wherever you look - the boundless ocean.

Easter Island clearly shows us the danger fraught with misunderstanding of the situation caused by critical weakening of Earth magnetic field. Extraterrestrial civilizations know that it is impossible to stop cataclysms, and they can not help us in any way. Only we can save ourselves.

There is only one way – association of consciousness of all civilization which clearly and vividly depicts the ahu Tongariki with 15 standing on its idols, and the Transition to the Highest level of the material world which represents a Birdman.

Many hundreds of Birdmen symbols engraved on a small area of wild cliffs Orongo represent mankind with united consciousness, prepared for the Transition in the new cycle of life.

The Navel of the world

Nearby ahu Tongariki on ocean coast is located the "Navel of the World", a sacred place of Rapanui people. The "Navel of the World" is also a separate pictogram. It conveys the most important major message that we need to change the mode of consciousness from the fourth to the fifth level. This means the transfer from the individual consciousness to the united. It means our first Transition.

The information about changing of the regime of consciousness is transferred by five round stones: four identical-small and one large in the centre. Each stone represents a brain area of an information cell. Stones of small size present brain areas of individual cells. The big round stone in the centre means a brain area of the united consciousness cell.

As it is known, an individual cell with a small brain area is a representation of a human being at the Information level of the Universe. The united cell with the expanded brain area means consciousness association of group of people. The big stone installed in the centre means the united consciousness of mankind.

Four stones form a square representing the fourth level of consciousness of mankind. Around five stones is created a mound in the form of a crescent. Half-moon is a symbol of the united consciousness.

Thus, the pictogram conveys: it is necessary for Earth people to unite consciousness for the Transition in the next cycle of life. The Navel of the world (rap. 'Te-Pito-O-Te Henua') is the heart of Easter Island. Not without reason the name 'Te-Pito-O-Te Henua' is one of the island’ names.

Three islands «Children standing in water» indicate the Transition

In the pictogram of Easter Island a volcano Rano Kau depicts an information cell with the shifted brain area. The brain area of a cell represents the crater of the volcano Rano Kau. For formation of crescent of the united consciousness symbol a crater was shifted to an ocean coast. For creation a thin line connecting horns of a half-moon, extraterrestrial civilizations shifted the crater to the edge of the island to a limit, having created a thin crest behind which is located a steep breakage of a volcano Rano Kau into the ocean.

Near the volcano Rano Kau are located three small islands: Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. They are called in the translation from Rapa Nui "children standing in water."

The most distant from the volcano Rano Kau the rocky islet of the largest area – Motu Nui looks like a trident. A trident and an information cell are symbols-analogues. Hence, a trident as well as a cell is a representation of human being in the Information world:

A trident is a key to decoding of quantitative symbols of extraterrestrial civilizations. A trident is a symbol of the fourth level of consciousness – an individual consciousness of human being including three previous levels of consciousness.

Close to the island-trident Motu Nui the islet Motu Iti is located. Very close location to a trident indicates that the islet Motu Iti represents a cell of the united consciousness of humanity.

The shape of an islet-trident of Moto Nui confirms that the volcano Rano Kau represents a shift of a brain area of information cell of human being.

Just near the volcano Rano Kau the smallest islet Motu Kao Kao is located. It is the highest of three islets – 70 meters and also looks as the needle directed upwards. On this island magnetic anomaly is observed.

In the pictogram of ETC the islet-needle directed vertically upwards means the Transition. Magnetic anomaly reveals a strong residual action of the united consciousness. It has arisen as a result of very strong action of the united consciousness of extraterrestrial civilizations which used for creation of this high and very thin islet-needle. It was necessary that the thin islet could withstand and resist to ocean storm for a long time. As a result, even today on island magnetic anomaly is observed.

Thus, three islets Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao, indicate that individual consciousness of human being should transfer to the united consciousness of humanity, and only then the Transition will proceed. The volcano Rano Kao confirms this information and shows that at the association of consciousness for the Transition will occur a shift of a brain area to a cell’ border with a formation of a half moon of the united consciousness.

Break of Rano Kao in the ocean symbolizes the dematerialization of mankind from the level of global cataclysms

Next to the three islands, indicating the Transition, extraterrestrials engraved on the wild cliffs at Orongo village hundreds of petroglyphs of a Birdman. They depict the moment of the transition of humanity brought together by united consciousness to another level of the material world – in a new cycle of life. Thus, a Birdman is a symbol of the Transition.

Deep breakage of Rano Kau in the ocean represents dematerialization. The last step on the ground ... and dematerialization in the invisible world. This way is represented the Transition of mankind to the Highest level which we should make for continuation of life.

This visual technique for demonstration of absolutely new and unusual for us process of dematerialization, seeming today as a fantasy fiction, extraterrestrial civilizations repeatedly used in Peru. They portrayed dematerialization by ladders-terraces finished at the edge of breakages. These steps leading to nowhere are represented in Peru everywhere: in Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu...


The same technique for demonstration of dematerialization extraterrestrial civilizations have used on Easter Island. They showed this process by a deep breakage of the volcano Rano Kau into the ocean.

In their messages extraterrestrial civilizations inform that this dematerialization is connected with the Transition to other Highest level of the material world. There will begin the next cycle of life - cycle of Correction. Therefore, on Easter Islands over the breakage of a cliff, appeared image of a Birdman. Hundreds of Birdman images-pictograms located nearby on rocks of Orongo, show mankind the way to the Transition. It is known that in Orongo over 480 petroglyphs of a Birdman and hundreds of images of Makemake are carved on rocks. By these petroglyphs ETC have represented the Transition of the entire civilization.

Symbol of a Birdman, as the pictogram

There are several types of a Birdman petroglyph. However, all of them with arms and legs, sometimes round back inform about the formation of the united consciousness: two individual cells forming a cell of the unified consciousness.

Thus, the head represents a cell of the united consciousness, and an eye – an individual cell. A long beak informs about the Correction cycle. In petroglyphs of Birdmen on rocks a beak is usually doubled. It specifies that the Correction cycle will pass in a mode of the united consciousness.

A symbol of the Transition: Birdmen on Easter Island; a Hummingbird in the desert Nazka

Extraterrestrial civilizations in pictograms usually represent the Transition as a flight – a clear to us analogue. Therefore in crop circles the Transition is presented by birds Swallows, Bugs, Bees, a Dragonfly and etc. In desert Nazka the Transition symbol is presented as a Humming-bird, the Pelican, the Flamingo and other birds. The long beaks of Humming-birds and other birds in pictograms of Nazka tell about a long cycle of the Correction.

In crop circles the symbol of the Transition is represented by Swallows, a Bug, a Bee, a Dragonfly and etc

Thus, this place on breakage of volcano Rano Kau is the culmination moment of all pictogram. It conveys the information that Earth civilization should make the first Transition-flight, depicted by hundreds of Birdmen.

That's where arose a ritual connected with a Birdman and a bird black tern-marine swallow, which egg – a symbol of dematerialization, transmits to mankind a signal to the Transition!

Ritual of Birdman - the channeling about the Transition

In ancient times every year in Orongo was determined a Birdman who ruled the island for one year. According to ancient custom he was the one who the fastest carried out certain sequence of actions. He should go down on a vertical slope of a volcano Rano Kau, swim to the farthest of three small islets – Moto-Nui, exposing the deadly danger of being torn to pieces by sharks. He should find there egg of a bird black tern-marine swallow and the first to bring this whole non-broken egg on Easter Island.

A man who overcame a mortal danger in the ocean full of sharks personifying a life of civilization, and, after all, delivered on Easter Island the first egg of a bird black tern-marine swallow became a Birdman. In this ritual of Easter Island represented the Earth, and a Birdman - the leader of mankind.

Time for the Transition has come – confirm extraterrestrial civilizations

The whole year after his victory a Birdman lives on a volcano Rano Raraku. But at this volcano extraterrestrials made hundreds of idols representing people - humanity. Crowds of Easter Island’ idols standing on pedestals tell that it is necessary to all mankind to unite consciousness for the Transition on the Highest level and make dematerialization from the level of global cataclysms. In thousands of crop circles extraterrestrial civilizations confirm that now the time for the Transition has come!

Pictogram decoding has shown that this annual ritual-competition for a prestigious title of "Birdman" on Easter Island was made under a deep sense and was a channeling. The purpose and stages of carrying out of ritual ETC have transferred through dreams of chiefs and priests.

A goal that should been achieved during the performance of this ritual – find the first egg of a bird black tern-marine swallow. Egg had to be found not on any other island, but namely on the island of Motu Nui, which has the shape of a trident.

A shape of a black terns egg presents a pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition

Let’s look at an egg of a bird black terns from the point of view of symbols of consciousness. A round end of egg represents a united cell of mankind. In the symbolic of consciousness the peaked oval is a result of association of two individual cells, i.e. consciousnesses of two people. So, pointed shape of other end corresponds to a pointed oval – the symbol of dematerialization and the Transition.

A usual hen's egg does not have such a pointed shape. Its sharp end is more rounded.


a b c d
A bird black terns (b) and its egg (a, c) in the form of a pointed oval of the Transition; a hen’ egg (d)

Struggle for the first egg briefly presented the contents of the pictogram created by extraterrestrial civilizations on Easter Island - the necessity to make the Transition through the dematerialization. Thus, the search for the first egg of a bird terns-marine swallow symbolized the process of preparing humanity for the Transition

The decoding of Rongorongo writing style mystery

The ritual of the Birdman and his struggle for the first egg of black marine swallow reveals also in a strange, at first glance, sequence of carving of Rongorongo signs. Rongorongo glyphs were carved in strange alternating directions – left to right and bottom to top. This system of Rongorongo glyphs writing was called reverse boustrophedon. That is, the scribe begins to carve signs at the bottom left-hand corner of a tablet, prolonged a line from left to right. When the scribe reached a right edge of a plate, he turned a plate top downwards – rotates the tablet 180 degrees to continue on the next line, and cut out the second row also from left to right. So, researches noted that the lines above and below would appear upside down. The decoding of Rongorongo writing style mystery you can read in details in our book «Despair of Moai of Easter Island».

Symbols of united consciousness in the oval shape of constructions in village Orongo

The ritual village Orongo connected with the Birdman cult is located on rocks near 300 meters breakage... Extraterrestrial civilizations have created there, at a dizzy height of a crest of a volcano Rano Kau about fifty oval structures from thin and flat basalt plates.

Structures of the oval shape in village Orongo represent the Transition’ symbols

The oval shape of these structures and a wide opening on the top in ETC symbolic represent a crescent of the united consciousness.

Pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition in headdresses of natives

Symbols of unified consciousness, dematerialization and the Transition are presented also in headdresses of Rapanui people. An engraving of 1860 shows that the sharp headdress’ top of a female is made in the form of a pointed oval of the Transition. Male headdress from feathers corresponds to a symbol of a body dematerialization. Radial strips of a symbol created numerous feathers.

Peaked oval of Transition (a, b) and symbol of a body dematerialization with
numerous radial strips in headdresses of Rapanui people (c) and in crop circle (d)

Birdman and Make-Make in ETC symbolic of consciousness

The Birdman cult or "Tangata manu"played so important role on Easter Island that its image at one time even was presented on a flag of Rapa Nui 1876-1888. Around Reimiro were depicted four symbols of Birdmen. The modern coat of arms of Rapa Nui also contains two glyphs of Birdmen joined by inner wings.

Flag of Rapa Nui of 1876-1888 years                       Coat of arms of Rapa Nui

The birdman cult of Easter Island is based on a frigate bird, which is found there rarely enough. However many hundreds petroglyphs depicting a Birdman in the form of a frigate are engraved on the rocks in Orongo and depicted on walls of caves. A frigate, as a rule is black-feathered bird with narrow wings and long doubled, as a swallow tail is related to pelicans and cormorants. Its length is 110 cm, wingspan is up to 230 cm and small weight is about 1,5 kg. This bird possesses absolutely unusual feature. Frigate inflates on a breast under a beak a huge bright red throat bag-craw up to 25 cm in the size, sparking like a flashlight.

A Birdman A bright red craw of frigate in the shape of a heart Symbol of heart in crop circles

Heart-shaped bright red craw of a frigate-birdman points on the Transition

It turns out that the appearance of frigate also sends information about the Transition. So, let’s look at frigate from ETC’ symbols of consciousness point of view. Bright red craw of frigate depicts simultaneously two symbols of consciousness. In profile it is similar to a half moon of united consciousness. In front red craw reminds an elongated heart, by splitting the upper part near the neck.

The heart symbol often meets in crop circles, for example 15.07.00 Wiltshire England. The symbol consists of two parts. The top part of heart in the form of two concerning semicircles is an image of two uniting individual cells. The bottom part consists of two tangents to two top circles, starting with one point. This image represents a half of pointed oval of the Transition./p>

The frigate underlying an image of a Birdman, tells us about the first flight-Transition

Hence, bright red craw of frigate depicting the heart symbol tells that for the Transition it is necessary to generate association of mankind consciousness. The doubled tail of a frigate symbolizes two cells and shows that for mankind’ Transition is necessary to unite consciousness of people.

Маке-Маке. On Easter Island is frequently presented Make-Make, the chief god of the Birdman. The petroglyphs Make-Make is represented in the form of a mask with big eyes. Engraved image of Make-Make on rocks of Orongo is surrounded by numerous Birdmen glyphs.

The image of Make-make on rocks surrounded by Birdman (a, b) and it’s petroglyph (c). Analogue to Makemake – the deity image on Marquesas Islands (d)

The image of Make-Make on Easter Island in ETC symbolic is the pictogram telling about association of consciousness and the Principle of its formation. Eyes represent two uniting individual cells. Concentric circles show expansion of a brain area at consciousness association, and also unification of individual cells. A face depicts the result - a cell of unified consciousness.

The process of united consciousness formation extraterrestrial civilizations portrayed not only as symbols engraved on Orongo rocks on Easter Island. One of the great pictograms that resemble the image Makemake are stone circles Avebury in England built by ETC at the time of a neolith 2700 – 2500 BC. Among many objects of ETC System of Information Transmission (SIT) presenting the Principle of the united consciousness formation are: ancient monumental complex Chankillo in Peru, made in 4-th Century BC in coastal desert, crop circles and others.


Symbols of consciousness on a body of moai

Moai’ body is a collection of separate elements of ETC symbolic. So, ears of idols are a separate pictogram. They represent a half moon which has resulted from the shift of a brain area at formation of the united consciousness. Especially clear the crescent is visible on the pendulous drooped ears of Aboriginal natives-islanders.

The upper part of idol’ ear in the form of a curl is located in the temporal lobes of the brain. It depicts a brain area of an individual cell. The lower part of the ear in the form of an extended semi-oval represents an elongated crescent which is formed as a result of the shift of a brain area from below upwards. Bottom of the ear showed thickening of the corresponding part of a broad crescent of unified consciousness.

Ears of idols represent shift of a brain area of individual information cell

Hence, movement of a cell’ brain area goes from below upwards to a curl located from both parties of a head. Shift of a brain area and formation of crescent of united consciousnesses is shown in many complexes of extraterrestrial civilizations. Thus, the lower part of Intihuatana (solar clock) at Machu Picchu, Peru - the sacred stone of the Incas, just shows the shift of brain areas of individual cells.

Intihuatana at Machu Picchu Peru and an ear of idols represent shift of a cell’ brain area

The stomach, navel, two nipples above about a line reminding the coquette, fingers depict separate pictograms about united consciousness.  This information in details is presented in our book «Despair of Moai of Easter Island».

Consciousness symbolic of the moai Hoa Hakananai, «a stolen friend»

In one of the central houses of village Orongo was installed 2.5 meter moai Hoa Hakananai, made of basalt, weighing 4 tons. The name Hoa hakanani'a translated from the Rapa Nui language means «stolen or hidden friend». In the 19 century idol was removed from Orongo by the crew of the English ship. Now it is placed in the British Museum in London.

On a body of moai - front and back was applied ETC symbolism which tells of how united consciousness is formed. So, two nipples in front represent two small brain areas of individual cells, and a stomach – the expanded area of the united cell which is formed as a result of association of two individual cells. On the back of the moai are also placed ETC symbols. Three crescents of consciousness included in individual cell remind a symbolic loincloth of three raised bands. Above three crescents is placed a cell of the united consciousness.

The back of moai Hoa Hakananai is decorated with carvings-pictograms of Birdman, Makemake a pair of 'ao, ceremonial wooden paddles, and other ETC symbols of consciousness.

So, ETC symbolics of consciousness engraved on moai Hoa Hakananai now is working in English Museum. It tells to visitors about united consciousness already in Europe.

Skinny figures of moai kavakava is the channeling about the Transition through dematerialization

A real boon in terms of symbols of consciousness, are wooden figures of kava-kava, which means "ribs". Outlandish kavakava - a unique statues, carved from a reddish-brown wood toromiro. Moai kavakava look more like people than idols. Amazes and attracts the attention of unusual figures of kava-kava and the deviation from the common image of man: the incredible thinness, which emphasizes the clarity of parallel lines of protruding ribs, bared teeth, growths on the head, back and shoulders, goiter, bulging eyes, etc.

The image of kava-kava in ancient times was referred to one of the chiefs of the Easter Island by extraterrestrial channeling.

The Legend about spirits without bodies, but only with some ribs.
Ancient legends tell that the chief (Ariki), returning from work, saw two sleeping on a red rock spirits, who did not have bodies, but only just ribs. Together with them was the third spirit. He did not sleep and therefore cried: «Wake up, Ariki saw your ribs! » Spirits woke up and saw a leaving chief. Having caught up with him, they asked: «What have you seen? Maybe you noticed something? » «Nothing, » - said Ariki. This question spirits repeated three times, and then they have disappeared. When the chief Tuu-ko-uxy returned home he carved out from wooden brands two figures which exactly depicted the spirits seen by him with ugly ribs. This way have arisen moai kavakava.

Decoding of an image kavakava as pictograms. Vivid and memorable wooden statuettes kavakava - an image of lightweight super skinny moai is a pictogram. It in details tells about formation of the united consciousness and the Transition through dematerialization.
Thinness of kavakava is a method of representation of a body absence which will occur at dematerialization. Disappearing of a body is represented by a symbol of dematerialization – ribs as a set of parallel lines and also by other numerous strips on teeth, eyebrows, beard, etc.

A head with bulging eyes, skull, ears, nose, oval of face, neck, feet, hands, a back, spine, shovels, hips – everywhere are visible the same ETC symbols of consciousness: individual and united cells, half moons, a symbol of a body dematerialization, pointed ovals.

Figurines of kavakava are incredibly various. However, they have one constantly repeating element – very small feet. This is a major warning of extraterrestrial civilizations that we can not run away from global cataclysms. They specify mankind a way to the Transition to the Highest, safe level of the material world through dematerialization from the level of global cataclysms.

Extraterrestrial civilizations transfer to us their great all-conquering love and boundless patience which give rise to inexhaustible imagination. These surprising statuettes in hundred-thousandth times prove that extraterrestrial civilizations in each possible moment transmit the major information about our Transition, which can be made only through association of consciousness of all mankind.

How on island have arisen red-haired and white-skinned natives with blue eyes

Despite on termination of ETC works on Easter Island, residual aftereffects of action of the unified consciousness for a long time still was very strong on the island. It had certain harmonizing effect on people. People under the residual exposure irradiation changed appearance: a shade of a skin and hair, features of face. As a result, on island were living people with different color of a skin. Among them – white skinned red-haired people with blue eyes. However, the basic part of the population had swarty color of a skin and black hair. About this phenomenon as a miracle told first explorers, such as Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who arrived on Easter Island in 1722.

Easter Island was inhabited by people with different color of skin and appearance, including white skinned, red-haired with blue eyes.

The same harmonizing influence of strong residual action of the ETC unified consciousness changed appearance of The Chachapoyas, people of the clouds in high-mountainous part of Peru. They were white skinned, white haired and tall. But on the whole continent of South America people had swarty color of skin, black hair and were not so tall.

The residual action of the unified consciousness penetrates the entire island till now. It reveals in a very pleasant state, enveloping the island –relaxation and pacification. That's why Hollywood stars make their wedding on Easter Island.

The project of Easter Island, as a symbol of consciousness

The pictogram of Easter Island if extraterrestrial civilizations realized the project of creation of island-symbol of consciousness would look as follows. Easter Island is created in a shape of rectangular triangle. In angles of island three cells would be located. In the angle with a volcano Poike there would be placed an individual cell of human being. The volcano Rano-Kau which is located in another sharp angle and represents a crescent of the unified consciousness. It means that as a result of united consciousness formation there has been a shift of a cell’ brain area. In right corner would be placed a cell of united consciousness of humanity - the implementation of this goal.

The project of Easter Island-symbol of united consciousness.

The rectangular triangle is chosen by extraterrestrial civilizations not casually. By right corner of 90? ETC showed that a human being and its information cell are not simply connected with each other. A human being is a projection of the information cell in a material world.

That's why almost all moai not gaze into the distance boundless ocean, in expectation of rare meetings with the strangers who have come to them, but gloomy and tensely look inside the island ... There, on top of the volcano Terevaka should be stand a huge 200-ton moai, the giant 20 meters high. He was supposed to personify a huge brain area of the united consciousness cell of our civilization. This giant would be seen in the ocean from afar – like a lighthouse. However, almost completely carved giant remained lying in the quarries. Its dreams of association of mankind consciousness meanwhile have not come true … However it is already other separate story about artificially created Easter Island-symbol which you can read in our book: «Despair of Moai of Easter Island».

Unfinished pictogram of Easter Island at last is read. It is one more victory of human being. Having deciphered the pictogram of Easter Island and understood legends, mankind, thereby, has received ETC instructions about the Transition and has a chance to survive in the conditions of beginning global cataclysms.


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