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Stone circles Avebury

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

The pictogram of stone circles Avebury twice represent the main principle of the united consciousness formation - at association of two individual cells the cell of the united consciousness is formed.

In Avebury there is the biggest stone circle in Europe. It is considered, that it has been constructed 2.700-2.500 BC, i.e. in days of the Neolith. The ancient monument contained two internal circles inside of the big external circle. The diameter of external circle is 1200m. Height of stones varied from 2,7m up to 6m. All construction has been surrounded by massive ditch and bank. Depth of a ditch was 9.9m.

In 18 century sketches of stone complex Avebury were made by well-known English historian William Stukeley and were saved. From the sketch of W. Stukeley follows, that earlier to the central circle have been attached two bend roads on the right and at the left which were formed by same stones, as the basic circle. Thus, the road on the right ended in small circle, and the road at the left broke.

Now stone circles Avebury are practically completely destroyed. From 600 stones from which the complex had been built, today remained only 200.
Let's consider saved 18 century’ sketch of stone complex Avebury with the help of ETC symbols of consciousness.

Decoding. Stone circles Avebury

In the Information world the image of human being is represented by an individual information cell. An information cell is the key to analogue principle of coding of ETC messages. An information cell is presented by a circle with dark ring – an external border.  Dark circle in the centre is a brain area. Area of body is located between a brain area and external border.

During association of two people consciousness a brain area in each individual cell shifts to a border for information exchange. A brain area in each individual cell expands. Two individual cells form common cell of the united consciousness.  As a result a brain area of the united cell extends. Association of consciousness in ETC symbolic looks so.

Two internal circles and a big circle. In Avebury stone circles the principle of the united consciousness formation presents the central big stone circle and two internal circles inside it. Each of internal circles represents an individual information cell. The brain area of each cell is shown in the center by a stone. The central circle represents the cell of the united consciousness which is formed at association of two individual cells.

Stone circles Avebury represent the process of the united consciousness formation: unification of two individual cells forms the united cell

Unification of two people consciousness is accompanied by information transformations, and leads to expansion of a brain area in each of individual cell. This process is represented by two concentric circles in each individual cell.

The missing circle – information cell. The same principle of the united consciousness formation is also repeated by the pictogram on the sketch of 18 century. The sketch shows, that both roads on the right and at the left are similar and differ only by absence of a small circle in the end of the left road. Therefore it is possible to assume, that the similar small circle was also presented at the left, but was destroyed during millennia.

Presence of this circle will allow reading easily the information transferred by this pictogram. It repeats the information already completely stated by the central circle: at association of two people consciousness two individual cells form one united cell.

Two roads. In this case, two small circles on the right and at the left from the central circle represent two individual information cells. They are connected to the united consciousness cell located in the center with the help of two long bend roads. These two roads of Avebury stone circles are similar to the Avenue of Stonehenge. Roads show a long way of mankind consciousness evolution from individual consciousness to the united. A bend in each of two Avebury roads and in the Avenue of Stonehenge show fundamental change of mankind consciousness under influence of the commandments.

So, extraterrestrial civilizations by means of stone circles Avebury transfer a major principle of the united consciousness formation - from two individual cells is formed one united cell, specifying to mankind a way to the Transition in the next cycle of life.

Thus, they warn: extremely important for unification of consciousness for the Transition to participate maximum quantity of people. It specifies a dotted line from many hundreds of stones by means of which all complex Avebury is presented.

The Principle of the united consciousness formation in ETC objects. Among many objects of ETC System of Information Transmission (SIT) presenting the Principle of the united consciousness formation are: ancient monumental complex Chankillo in Peru, made in 4-th Century BC in coastal desert, crop circles and others. All these pictograms are analogue the Avebury stone circles made about 5000 years ago in England.

Scientists have counted up, that to make the Avebury ditch, it was necessary to dig and take away 200.000 tons of stones and ground. During Neolith epoch it should do 300 people, continuously working 25 years.

This huge amount of works connected with construction of complex Avebury has been made by extraterrestrial civilization with the help of the united consciousness action.


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