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Phenomena of the United Consciousness Action

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova

Formation of the united consciousness.Extraterrestrial civilizations assert that the major process of mankind’ life is the formation of the united consciousness. They represent this process in crop circles by two symbols. Symbols of the united consciousness is an information cell with expanded brain area and a half moon of the united consciousness.

Principle of the united consciousness

At association of two individual information cells corresponding to unification of two people’ consciousness is formed a cell of the united consciousness with expanded brain area. On the other hand a half moon of the united consciousness is formed.

Two individual cells сcorrespond to two people. If these people unite consciousness, a brain area of each individual cell moves to its border. As a result from two individual cells one cell of the united consciousness with the expanded brain area turns out. Expansion of a brain area occurs at the expense of association of brain areas of two cells and because of information exchange between them. On the other hand, at shift of сell’ brain area a half moon of the united consciousness is formed.

The principle of the united consciousness formation is presented in many objects of System of an information transmission of extraterrestrial civilizations: stone circles of Avebury in England Chankillo in Peru, crop circles, in the Mexican complex of pyramids of the Moon and the Sun – by the block «two pyramids before Moon pyramid at the end of the Avenue of Dead and the Moon pyramid» (a) and also marches of ladders on the Sun pyramid (b) and other objects.

a b

Mexican Pyramids of the Moon and the Sun

Shift of a cell’ brain area to its border at the process of the united consciousness formation is presented in many crop circles, for example:

23.07.90 Cambridgeshire, England 18.07.03 Hampshire, England 19.08.07 Wiltshire, England 15.07.03 Wiltshire, England

Crescent of the united consciousness is presented in many crop circles, for instance:

2001 England July 12, 2008 Italy June 4, 2002 England 22.06.03 England

Formation of the united consciousness is a usual process. It is formed by mother and child, lovers, a teacher and a pupil, a doctor and a patient and etc.

The United Consciousness Law


The Principle and the Law of the united consciousness reveal features of consciousness and are fundamental. They underlie all phenomena of consciousness. Action caused by unification of consciousness gives rise to many phenomena such as: levitation, telekinesis, dowsing, clairvoyance, clairaudience and etc.

Phenomena of the United Consciousness Action

The gift of prophecy was given to Nostradamus, blind Bulgarian seer Vanga. Russian woman Ninel Kulagina demonstrated remarkable experiments on telekinesis, moving without hands but by the action of consciousness carafe of water, a box of matches and other items, as well as holding a tennis ball in the air.

Nostradamus blind Bulgarian seer Vanga Russian woman Ninel Kulagina     Daniel Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home - Scottish medium of 19-th century had extraordinary abilities to levitation - flying at different altitudes. He also possessed the ability of clairvoyance and other manifestations of the united consciousness phenomena. He was esteemed by the European monarchs, including, emperor Napoleon III, the Russian emperor Alexander II and others. Daniel Dunglas Home’ sessions were attended by prominent scientists and ordinary observers, including the famous English writer, Sir A. Conan Doyle, who made a brief biography of Daniel D. Home.

All these phenomena - clairvoyance, telekinesis, levitation are manifestation of the unified consciousness action.

With the phenomenon of unified consciousness action we are acquainted since early childhood from fairy tales and legends. It’s Cinderella who by a magic wand has turned to the beautiful princess; Santa-Claus who transformed snowflakes into diamonds and gave them to a poor orphan; the princess that an evil sorcerer has transformed into a goose and many others.

The action of united consciousness for Information Technology and flights through the universe

The main possibility of the united consciousness action – it transfers an object on other higher sublevel of the material world. According to a goal the structure of the material changes its properties. It reveals also in change of gravitation, i.e. objects’ weight. 

Action of the united consciousness is the basis of all information technology of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Action of the united consciousness causes a body transformation for the transition to other higher sublevels of the material world necessary for intergalactic flights in the Universe. Action of the united consciousness is a basis of teleportation for intergalactic flights of extraterrestrial civilizations and overcoming of distances in millions light years.


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