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Teleportaion for flights through the Universe

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

Flights in the universe of hundreds of millions light years extraterrestrial civilizations make by means of action of the united consciousness. For this purpose they unite consciousness with common goal – a body transformation for flight into certain galaxy. As a result of information rearrangements and compression of the united cell structure of a body area arise an action of the united consciousness which transform a body.

Scheme of teleportation. At the moment of a body transformation ETC dematerialize from the level of Crystal Structures (LCS) and transfer to the Intermediate level (IL) with other time and space parameters. Then they materialize at the level of Crystal Structures in the set location of the universe. This process is called teleportation.

So, teleportation process includes transition to some sublevel of an Intermediate level of the material world and returning to level of Crystal Structures already in the set place of the Universe.

Scheme of teleportation

Teleportation is a managed process of moving a subject across vast distances from one point in space into another through Intermediate level of the material world. The distance of a flight, determines the depth of immersing to an Intermediate level of the material world. The degree of dematerialization can be different and depends only on the level of consciousness.


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