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The Transition of Earth civilization

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

ETC warn about global cataclysms which will start on Earth very soon and give the way for salvation and prolongation of our civilization’ life. ETC inform: the only one way for humanity salvation is the Transition from the level of global cataclysms on another safe level of the material world – the Highest level through unification of civilization’ united consciousness. ETC confirm that before global cataclysms three preliminary cataclysms of incredible power will happen.

ETC flights in the universe and our Transition on the base of a body transformation

ETC flight between galaxies in millions of light years through parallel worlds by teleportation. However, we know that humanity reached only the Moon. ETC traveling between galaxies requires a body transformation made through the united consciousness action.

Teleportation for us today is impossible, since the strength of the united consciousness action of humanity is very weak. However, ETC confirm that humanity also can make the first lesson of flights through parallel worlds. It is the Transition of the whole civilization to the Highest level of the material world.

In each message ETC confirm that humanity following their instructions can transfer to the Highest level of the material world in order to be saved from global cataclysms coming soon. ETC inform that humanity Transition will be also based on the principle of body transformations.

Our Transition into parallel worlds

How humanity can transfer to the Highest Level of the material World? ETC confirm that the mechanism of the Transition is very simple. Humanity has to unite consciousness with one common goal – to remove our body from the level of global cataclysms. Synchronous unification of civilization’ consciousness will cause an action of huge power as a bio-laser. Laser will remove our body from the level of Crystal Structures where we live now. Simultaneously we will arise on the safe Highest level of the material world without cataclysms with new holographic body.

So, during our Transition we will make a body transformation. This mechanism of body transformation ETC constantly use for teleportation-flights between galaxies through million of light years. This process is featured in Christian, Jewish, Muslim Holy scriptures as the General Resurrection.  On the safe Highest level of the material world humanity will prolong life in the new cycle – the cycle of Correction and everybody will be responsible for his actions.

This way the Transition to the Highest level of the material world will happen and we will be saved from global cataclysms. It will be our first Transition into parallel worlds.

The process of our Transition reminds transformations with the sacred bird Phoenix. Anticipating death, Phoenix burns herself with her nest. Then, rising from the ashes, already anew Phoenix continues her course of life.


Today Earth civilization consists of 6.8 billion people. Thus, the united consciousness of civilization means that, all individual cells of Earth’ people will merge together into one and the uniform cell of the united consciousness of civilization will be born.

All pictograms of ETC inform about the Transition of Earth civilization: Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, Chachapoyas and other complexes of Peru, complexes of Chichen-Itza in Mexico, Mexican pyramids of the Moon and the Sun, crop circles and all other objects of ETC System of information transmission.

Sarcophagi Karajia, Peru

ETC warn that individually one by one it will be impossible to be saved from global cataclysms and the whole civilization of Earth will be destroyed. Only through united consciousness of all civilization we can make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world and prolong our life.


How the General Resurrection will happen

Information cell of human being always has a projection in the material world presented by our body. Between our body and information cell there is constant interaction. Even when we drink a cup of coffee this interaction works. Only by this way consciousness improves.

At the end of the individual’s cycle of life the connection between information cell and human body brakes and individual dies. So, when individual dies at the end of his life-cycle, the corresponding layer of his cell completely closes and seals.

Sudden interruption of human life does not correspond to the date of natural death. For example, murder or death in different accidents. As a result, in the cell still remains a part of unlived life, where consciousness should be improved. Cycle of consciousness improvement of this individual is not completed. So, the layer corresponding to termination of his life-cycle is not closed and sealed.

The information cell of such individual is in a state of stress. Cell constantly over and over again is trying to form its projection in the material world for consciousness improvement. The link between cell and it’s projection was broken by unplanned sudden death.

Why phantom or ghosts appear

As soon as necessary conditions are formed – the closed space and the absence of air movements, the projection is shown. It is not an individual, but his phantom. This phantom-projection exists constantly, but it is shown only under certain conditions. So this way ghosts appear. Ghosts will appear until the cycle of individual will not ends.

However, the termination of cycle will already happen under other laws which are not connected with perfection of consciousness. Famous ghosts in England are Lady Berkeley and Brown Lady.
The famous ghost ship «Flying Dutchman» evoked fear superstition of sailors.



ETC inform that our Transition can be made through the united consciousness of all civilization. Action of the united consciousness of incredible power will cause a laser beam. As soon as laser will remove all humanity bodies our civilization will disappear from the level of Crystal Structures. So, the interaction between the united cell and bodies of Earth civilization will be broken off.

At the same moment at the Highest level of the material world will appear a new projection of the Earth civilization united cell. It will be a new body – not crystal and solid as today, but holographic.

So, a legendary Phoenix shows a way of eternal renewal of humanity and indicates on the Transition to the next cycle of life. The crop circle reminding Phoenix appeared on July 8, 2006 on fields of Oxfordshire, England and also transmits detailed information about our Transition.

Our new holographic bodies will be without injury and illness in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. It will happen because the new layer simultaneously will be revealed in all cells of Earth civilization. This is the mechanism of the General Resurrection.


The new law of consciousness development

This information discovers the new law of consciousness development. It appears that consciousness of each of us improves in the common cell of our civilization. So, the common cell of our civilization reminds a uniform mycelium. If in this system happen premature death of separate individuals then phantom arise, because all of humanity continues to be at the level of Crystal Structures.

At simultaneous disappearance all civilization from the level of Crystal Structures, the common cell of mankind is closed and sealed. Hence, there are the processes similar to the timely natural termination of life-cycle of people, and no violations happen.

That’s why in the material world transfers and opens new information layer of civilization cell. This is the layer in which consciousness was improved in just terminated cycle. So the General Resurrection begins. Hence, the old body destroyed by illnesses was dumped, and the new body was formed from a layer of the former soul. That's why resurrected people will have no injuries, nor diseases.

ETC warn that if we not unite consciousness and not make the Transition in time our civilization will be destroyed by global cataclysms. So, the life-cycle of everyone in our civilization will not be completed. So, our civilization will be the civilization of ghosts.


But not for a long time. Very soon the solar system will be destroyed also by special mechanism of the universe cleaning. So, if we fail the Transition the Program of consciousness improvement in the solar system will not be fulfilled.

ETC transmit this information many times, for example, through the crop circle July 10, 2010, at Guys Cliffe Warwickshire, England.

ETC placed this pictogram near a mysterious place Guys Cliffe, nrOld Milverton, Warwickshire. About this place there are many legends connected with ghosts.


Now we understand the anxiety of ETC. We received information which allow to understand that only destruction our body by laser beam at the level of Crystal Structures, will allow to cause the revival of mankind on the Highest level of the material world. ETC confirm that this is the mechanism of the General Resurrection.


Edgar Cayce about global cataclysms beginning

Edgar Cayce, the famous American prophet predicted global cataclysms beginning and foretold that hope of humanity will come from Russia.


Edgar Cayce predicted that the salvation of mankind from global cataclysms will be based on the principles of association and fraternity. It will be not a communism. But everyone will be responsible for each other.

So, it means the unification of humanity consciousness. Just this information transfer ETC in all their messages. And Russian scientists decoded their messages.


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