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Analogue and digital keys for decoding of ETC pictograms

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

During 15 years through channeling we received information which allowed reading pictograms-warning of ETC about upcoming global cataclysms and instructions about the only one way for salvation of humanity. We received two keys for decoding of ETC messages, deciphered many hundreds of their pictograms scattered all over the world and composed a dictionary of ETC symbols of consciousness for over 250 symbols.

There are two keys for decoding of ETC pictograms – analogue and digital.

Digital code is a trident.    Analogue code is an information cell.



Trident is analogue of information cell.

Information cell is a presentation of human being on the Information level of the Universe.

The Universe is a huge system of visible and invisible worlds absolutely different by its structure and mission. The purpose of the Universe – perfection of consciousness. The system of the Universe is created and managed by the Creator.
The system of the Universe consists of three basic levels: the Absolute, the Information world and the Material world.

The Material world contains time and space. The Information world has no time, nor space, but only information. The Information world is the Library of the material world.

On the Information level our consciousness works.

ETC flight between galaxies through parallel worlds by teleportation. ETC confirm that humanity also can make the first lesson of flights through the parallel worlds. It is the Transition to the Highest level of the material world.

An individual information cell the same as a human being has two main parts - a brain and a body areas. There is also a border of a cell which separates one individual from another.

The symbol of individual cells - is a ring with a small dark circle in the center. A small dark circle in the center represents a brain area; a ring is the border, and light area between them – a body area of the cell. 

If two or many people united consciousness with one goal they form a cell of the united consciousness with expanded area of a brain. The more people unite consciousness the wider the brain area of the united consciousness cell.

Information cell is presented in many objects of SIT of ETC. Bellow are several examples: Chich?n Itz?, Mexico, Ollantaytambo Peru, crop circles


© Sorensen
Chich?n Itz?, Mexico  Ollantaytambo Peru 2000, England


moai of Easter Island

crop circles

and other objects of the System of information transmission of extraterrestrial civilizations.

ETC inform that for prolongation of life before beginning of global cataclysms humanity has to organize united cell of civilization necessary for the Transition on the safe level of the material world, without cataclysms.

ETC give us instructions how to construct and form the united cell of Earth civilization.




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