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The underwater complex of Yonaguni, Japan

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The underwater complex of Yonaguni is located in the East Chinese sea in the Pacific ocean and is one of the most ancient in the history and archeology. According to rough estimates of researches and scientists Yonaguni monument was over a water surface not less than 10.000 years ago, i.e. in the Ice Age when the sea level in the World ocean was 40 meters below than it is today. Gradually it has plunged into ocean, so the monument became underwater. This complex close to the coast of Yonaguni is located almost beneath the waves and was accidentally discovered a diving instructor K. Arataki in spring of 1985. It was the huge stone monument consisting of unusual structures which stretched to the limits of visibility


This underwater city is located on a cliff at a depth of 30 m. According to researches the sizes of a rectangular megalithic formation are about 150m by 40 m (490 ft by 130 ft), and about 27 m (90 ft) tall; the top is about 5 m (16 ft) below sea level. Researches note that the megalith distinguish straight walls, series of flat terraces, broad steps bounded by near vertical walls and other structures. Wide flat platforms pass into intricate terraces, cascading and breaking downwards by big wide steps mostly rectangular. Scientists and researches named it as «No.1 monument».

Edge of the Yonaguni monument is dropped straight down to the bottom at 27 meters, forming thus a high platform. This platform gives the ancient complex form a separate independent structures. The architecture of the underwater city resembles stepped Inca pyramid. If the city was created for housing, it is surprisingly, that terraces, cascading downwards, for some reason break into the abyss. They lead as if to nowhere ...

Masaaki Kimura, a professor of seismology in university of Ryukyus of Okinawa for 15 years in detail investigates this huge underwater city, as if made by hands of giants. The city is surrounded by the road and stone fence consisting of huge pieces of rocks. M. Kimura has found out that the part of the fence surrounding a monument is made of limestone which does not meet in this region. Professor M. Kimura asserts that someone in prehistoric times transported limestone specially for construction.

M. Kimura also has found on rocks many details which exclude model of natural formation of object. Among them traces of welding, symmetrical and angular channels, round hole of 2m depth, the traces of carvings, sculpture images. Researches made the layout of this ancient construction.

The model of the underwater Yonaguni monument

This ancient underwater city has the great interest throughout the world. Today not only Japanese scientists, but also many researchers of different countries have opinion that the huge complex megalith Yonaguni has been created artificially. It is a trace of an ancient advanced civilization.


In the underwater monument Yonaguni, as well as in complexes of Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu in Peru in some structure is presented a carved masonry, which indicates on one of the characteristics of Information technology of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Carved masonry in complexes Yonaguni, Japan (left) and Cuzco Peru (right)

The underwater complex of Yonaguni according to the transferred information is analogue to high-mountainous complex Machu Picchu in Peru. which has been created much later then Yonaguni. Both complexes Yonaguni and Machu Picchu were created not for habitation but for demonstration of mankind dematerialization process from the level of Crystal structures at the Transition in the new cycle of a life.

Yonaguni Monument, as well as Machu Picchu, has been created at high altitude. It allowed to demonstrate the dematerialization process. The complex of Yonaguni is a separate structure. It stands on a platform which edges break vertically downwards. So, an edge of Yonaguni monument is dropped straight down to the bottom at 27 m, forming thus a high platform. Machu Picchu, also is surrounded by breakages reaching 700 m or more.

Machu Picchu, Peru

In symbolic of extraterrestrial civilizations the symbol of a body destruction at dematerialization is represented by radial strips going from a brain area to a cell’ border, i.e. crossing out a cell’ area of a body. This symbolic can be often met in crop circles.

25 July 2001, England 20 July 2008 Wiltshire, England

In underwater complex of Yonaguni as well as and in Machu Picchu a symbol of a body destruction through dematerialization represent numerous long terraces, and also versatile ladders established nearby: long and wide, short and narrow, cascading even together, but under different angles, and leading sometimes, to nowhere. A cell’ brain area is represented by a cliff towering over a complex of Yonaguni.
In the inscriptions found by researchers are presented ETC symbols of consciousness – a cell of united consciousness with an expanded brain area and the crescent.


One of the ornaments shown on walls of the underwater complex, is a cell of united consciousness with shifted brain area. It is one of the main symbols of humanity Transition through a body transformation.

The Rosetta Stone of Okinawa

Around the Ryukyu archipelago were made a lot of interesting discovers. Thus, about 60 years ago in the western coast of Okinawa, were found more than 10 flat stone tables with the symbols engraved on them. The biggest of them was named the Rosetta stone of Okinawa.


The engraved on stones symbolic is very similar to the symbolism of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is deciphered according to the alphabet of ETC symbols of consciousness. So, the main drawing which is considered a symbol of Yonaguni, tells about an individual cell, expansion of a cell’ brain area due to formation of the united consciousness and the resulting process of dematerialization.

Dark arrow on the photo shows the expansion of brain area caused by the transition of consciousness from the individual mode in the united. This process is shown from top -downwards after a line. Five vertical lines designate the fifth level of consciousness – united.

The figure, circled by a blue frame, is divided by horizontal lines into three parts. From a yellow line downwards is shown the process of expanding a cell’ brain area at the formation of united consciousness up to the fifth level of consciousness - the united consciousness of civilization. The pictogram Illustrates the Principle of the united consciousness formation: at association of two individual cells the cell of incorporated consciousness with an expanded brain area is formed.


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