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Great Stonehenge - one of the largest Megalithic monuments of Europe is the object of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stonehenge - the eighth Wonder of the World is considered to be the great mystery of Earth. It is known, that this monument formed by stones of huge sizes and weights have been created 3100 years BC, during the Neolith.

Stonehenge includes several various constructions. Each of them transfers the certain part of the information supplementing, strengthening and confirming one another, forming, by this the general message transferred by ETC through this complex.

1 - The Altar Stone 2, 3 - «barrows» (without burials) with stones; 4 - the fallen Slaughter Stone; 5 - the Heel Stone; 6 - two of originally four Station Stones, similar 2 and 3; 7 - 9 - ditch and bank; 10 – The Avenue, a parallel pair of ditches and banks leading 3 km to the River Avon; 11, 12 - two rings of 30 pits each, called «'Y and Z Holes», dug out rather «recently»; 13 - circle of 56 pits, known as the Aubrey holes; 14 - smaller southern entrance.

Let's consider Stonehenge as pictogram of ETC and read its image in conformity with the dictionary of ETC symbols of consciousness.

In the Information world the image of human being is represented by an individual information cell. An information cell is the key to analogue principle of coding of ETC messages. An information cell is presented by a circle with dark ring – an external border. Dark circle in the centre is a brain area. Area of body is located between a brain area and external border.

During association of two people consciousness a brain area in each individual cell expands and shifts to a border for information exchange. Two individual cells form a common cell of the united consciousness. As a result a brain area of the united cell extends. Association of consciousness in ETC symbolic looks so.

  • Earth banks and ditch. The first earliest construction of Stonehenge are surrounding circular ditch of 97.5m in diameter, 6m in width, 2m in depth and two earth banks.

Decoding. Earthen bank and ditches.2 Surrounding circular earth bank and ditches represent a border of information cell.

  • The Aubrey Holes. The first scientific inspection of Stonehenge was made by John Aubrey. In the middle of 17 century directly behind internal bank inside the complex he found a deepening with chopped chalk. They were called the «Aubrey holes». Later near the internal bank was found 56 pits on equal distance, filled with chalk which formed a circle. Each pit was about 0.8-1.8m in diameter, the depth of pits varied from 0.6m to 1.2m.

Decoding. The Aubrey Holes. The Aubrey Holes represent the border of information cell by a dashed line. The dashed line ETC used in other objects also: in Avebury stone circles and Easter Island.

  • Four circles barrows with single stones in the center. The second and third constructions of Stonehenge are located inside of an ancient earth bank. Thus the second construction presents two circles barrows with single stones in the center located on circumference of an ancient bank touching it. Circles are formed by 38 pairs of vertically staying stones. These two circles-barrows are located on one line – on circumference – with third central construction of Stonehenge – circle Colonnade.

However archeologists confirm, that two stones located near to these two circles-barrows with single stones, earlier also stood on the barrows analogous to remained barrows. Hence, in initial construction there were not two circles with the central stones, but four. Two circles and the central stones remained, and from two others - remains only two stones, barrows have disappeared through millennia.

Decoding. Four circles with single stones in the center. Two existing circles-barrows are an image of two individual cells with brain areas shown by two single stones in their centers. The position of these two circles very close to earth bank presenting the border of the biggest cell means a shift of a brain area at the united consciousness formation.

It is known, that in initial variant was not two individual cells, as now, but four. Hence, the united consciousness is formed under the scheme: two cells plus two cells.

However, the most important, four cells of individual consciousness and one cell of the united consciousness means already the quantitative principle of the information transfer. Hence, these 4 + 1 = 5 cells transfer already other, even more important information that the fourth level of the united consciousness of mankind transfer to the fifth level – the united consciousness of humanity. This principle of information transfer is used very often in crop circles.

  • Circle colonnade and the Horseshoe. Third construction of Stonehenge is located in the center of an ancient bank. This complex design includes the circle colonnade of 30m in diameter. It consists of 30 vertical stones 5,5m height with the plates on the top. Inside of colonnade there is an opened construction in the form of a horseshoe.

Decoding. Circle Colonnade and the Horseshoe. As result of unification of these four cells aroused a cell of the united consciousness which is represented by a circular Colonnade. The opened construction in the form of a horseshoe, located inside of a Colonnade, represents a half moon of the united consciousness. The symbol a half moon means the shift of a brain area at the united consciousness formation.

The Colonnade participates in three different blocks; however, in all cases it transfers the information about a cell of the united consciousness: it is either its border, or a brain area.

  • On one hand, it represents a border of the united consciousness cell formed by unification of four individual cells, represented nearby.
  • On the other hand, concerning the external border represented by ancient earthen bank and ditch, the Colonnade represents a brain area of the united consciousness.
  • With the third party, a circular Colonnade as the information complex with a Horseshoe and the Heel Stone representing an individual cell and located at the end of the Avenue, presents a final stage of mankind consciousness development and the Transition from individual consciousness to united.
  • The Horseshoe and Altar stone transfer the information about the same object, supplementing each other.

  • Horseshoe. The internal not closed construction reminding a horseshoe form five huge trilithons. Trilithons have different height 6m, 6.5m and 7.2m, increasing from the ends of the Horseshoe to the middle. So the Horseshoe stays above circle Colonnade, which height is 5.5m.

    Central Trilithon is the highest element of Stonehenge.

    Vertical stones of trilithons are put very close to each other on distance about 30сm.
  • The Altar stone. It is, known that the Horseshoe is located around the central stone in the heart of Stonehenge. It is also called the Altar stone. The Altar stone – the central megalith of Stonehenge is six ton monolith of green sandstone from the Wales.

Decoding: the Horseshoe and the Altar. The Horseshoe is a half moon, a symbol of the united consciousness. The half moon has the greatest width in the middle, and on edges - only narrowed horns. The greatest width of the half moon emphasizes located in the middle: the stone Altar and Central Trilithon – the highest element of Stonehenge.

Vertical stones of trilithon were put very close to each other to show, that each of them is not a separate construction, but the uniform circuit forming a Horseshoe - a symbol of half moon of the united consciousness.

  • Trilithon of Horseshoe. The Horseshoe consists of five huge trilithons. Trilithon is a separately staying construction consisting of three stones: two stones stay vertically and the third stone is put on top of them as the crosspiece.

Decoding. Trilithon Horseshoe. Horseshoe-half moon is not a monolithic construction. It is made of separate elements - trilithons. The special shape for elements forming the Horseshoe is created not casually. This way extraterrestrial civilizations show a major principle of the united consciousness formation: one cell of the united consciousness is formed by two individual cells.

This major principle of the united consciousness formation for mankind is shown also in many crop circles.

  • Secret of blue stones. As it is known Stonehenge is made of various types of stones. However, among them blue stones are special. Moreover, it is considered even, that the secret of Stonehenge is hidden in its blue stones.

According to researches of archeologists, 82 blue stones have been put around an internal ring Colonnade at the second stage of construction, nearby 1700 BC. Today only 40 of them remain. They formed two concentric circles. Each stone was nearby 2m in height, 1.5m at width, and 0.8m in thickness and had weight from 2 tons up to 5 tons.

Single standing blue stones are put from the interior of a ring and the Horseshoe and repeat their form, but already without overlapping.

Blue stones are dolerite. Wetted by water dolerite becomes blue, the same color can be seen and on fresh break off stone. That’s why they had such a beautiful "color" name - blue stones.

Recently a discovery has been made: blue stones of Stonehenge are non-uniform and cannot occur from one quarry. After this discovery there were two versions of such rare building material occurrence. One researches assure, that blocks have brought glaciers to England, others do not doubt that blue stones were delivered to the Earth by aliens. So, the theory of Stonehenge constructions by extraterrestrial civilizations has many supporters.

Decoding. Blue stones. From decoding of Stonehenge follows that this complex transfers the information about past, present and future consciousness of mankind by means of images of individual cells and united consciousness cells, and also the process of civilization’ united consciousness formation.

  • As the construction of a Stonehenge passed long time different kinds of stones have been used. However, to emphasize the highest level of the transferred information - about mankind’ consciousness, extraterrestrial civilization introduced the color contrast in the form of blue stones.
  • Extraterrestrial civilizations used this special method of color separation of information also in Easter Island complex. A human being at the level of material world is presented in the form of the idol of grey color, and an information cell of human being is represented by a cap of the idol - by its red color.

  • In the complex the accessory of this information to mankind’s consciousness - is shown by his image. People represent, also the single blue stones standing from the interior side of a ring and a Horseshoe, and repeating their shape. It emphasizes also a small height of these stones - about 2m, in comparison with other stones of 5.5m - 7.2m height.
  • Other construction of 82 blue stones - two concentric circles around a Colonnade of also about 2m height represented expansion of a brain area at the transition from individual consciousness to the united consciousness of separate people and then to the united consciousness of mankind. These stones also represented people.

  • Consistently established single stones on the top view form a dashed line. The dashed line is used for transfer information also in other objects of ETC for example, in Avebury stone circles. This unusual line not only serves for the image of cells borders. Plenty of stones in the dotted line of Stonehenge the same as in Avebury megalith show the following. For formation of civilization’ united consciousness necessary for prolongation of mankind’ life at the beginning of global cataclysms is required great number of people – the whole civilization.
  • Representations of people as a dashed line is used also in other objects of ETC, for example, in stone circles Avebury, Easter Island. Thus in Avebury circles a separate stone represents a human being, and on Easter Island a human being is represented already by an idol.

So, the central part of Stonehenge-pictogram transfers: Four individual cells, being united, form a cell of the united consciousness. Thus the fourth level of consciousness transfers to the fifth. The process of the united consciousness formation is accompanied by a shift of a brain area of an individual cell and formation of a crescent which depicts a Horseshoe.

The dotted circles formed by: the Aubrey Holes; two circles from the blue stones, located round a Colonnade, but the absent now; single blue stones repeating a contour of a Colonnade and a Horseshoe from the inside, show a large quantity of people which should participate in association of consciousness for continuation of life.

Let's continue further, and decipher the rest part of Stonehenge.

  • The Heel Stone. At the end of Avenue in 30m outside the main entrance to the henge is standing a single six-meter stone, its weight is about 35 tons. It is called - the «Heel Stone». The Heel Stone is surrounded by a circle ditch.

Decoding. The Heel Stone. The Heel Stone and a circular ditch by which it is surrounded represent an image of an individual cell. Thus the Heelstone presents a brain area of an individual cell, and a ditch around it – a border of this cell.

Extraterrestrial civilizations considered extremely important the correct understanding of this symbol because just this construction explains mankind necessity of change of consciousness mode from individual to the united consciousness for continuation of life. Therefore, once again to emphasize, that the Heel stone with earth bank represent an image of individual cell extraterrestrial civilizations have thought up improbably interesting method. It consists in the following.

The Heel stone has been put in a certain way: so that one sees the sun rise precisely above the Heel Stone at summer solstice. This effect one overviews when he stands «within Stonehenge, facing north-east through the entrance towards the Heel stone. »

Since ancient time it is known, that Sun symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle. On the other hand, it also is a symbol of an individual information cell. So, already during not one hundreds of years of studying of a Stonehenge and observation of this Heelstone effect, a symbol of the information cell was always next to the Sun. But it was a secret which was waiting its time to be revealed....

This conformity has been hidden until time has come to reveal this secret to people of Earth.

  • The Avenue of Stonehenge. Opposite to opening of the Horseshoe there is an end of so-called "the Avenue" of Stonehenge. The Avenue is formed by two parallel banks and ditches, has width 14m. It proceeds 2.5km from an entrance to a ring of Stonehenge on north-east, then, turns off to the river Avon and interrupts, not reaching it 3km. It is the beginning of the Avenue.

In the end of the Avenue, directly opposite an entrance to Stonehenge from the same part where opens the Horseshoe trilithon, on distance about 85m from the center of the complex, is located the Heelstone surrounded by ditch.

Decoding. The Avenue of Stonehenge. In order to understand, what information is transferred by the Avenue, we should consider constructions which are located on it and also its shape.

Constructions on the Avenue.

  • Located at the end of the Avenue the Heelstone surrounded by ditch represents an image of an individual cell. Hence, the end of the Avenue where the Heelstone stands shows the termination of mankind individual consciousness development.
  • On the other hand, the Avenue approaches and ends directly ahead of earth bank. As a result, the end of the Avenue together with the Heel stone are located directly opposite an entrance to Stonehenge from the same side where the Horseshoe trilithon opens. So, the end of the Avenue, the Heel stone and the Horseshoe trilithon is a uniform information block.
  • The Horseshoe of trilithon together with the central complex of Stonehenge is an image of the united consciousness cell. Thus, this block informs, that mankind has to make the Transition from individual consciousness to the united.

    Thus, the end of the Avenue informs, that development of mankind’ individual consciousness already ended and for continuation of life it is necessary to make the Transition in a mode of the united consciousness.

    The shape of the Avenue.

  • First of all, the Avenue is very long. It specifies a long way of evolution of mankind consciousness till the formation of the united consciousness.
  • From this point of view, the Avenue of Stonehenge reminds very long the Avenue of Dead in the Mexican complex of pyramids of the Moon and the Sun.

  • Besides, for two miles up to Stonehenge the Avenue makes a bend. This way is marked the major basic change of mankind’ consciousness – the commandments. After that mankind has already come on a straight road of preparation for change of consciousness mode from individual to the united.

Thus, the information presented by the Avenue, sums up the information transferred by the complex of Stonehenge.

The Avenue informs: a long way of individual mankind consciousness perfection is ended and for continuation of life it is necessary to make the Transition to the united consciousness.

The general decoding. Stonehenge

Let's sum up the results.

  • The surrounding circular earth bank and ditch represent an external border of the individual cell with the brain area depicted by the Altar stone and the united consciousness cell with a brain area – the Colonnade.
  • Aubrey Holes make a continuous dashed line which represents a huge number of people forming this cell.
  • Two circles with single stones in the center located on circumference of an ancient bank touching it represent two individual cells. The fact that these two circles are touching the cell’ border - an ancient bank, means a shift of a brain area at the unified consciousness formation. From earlier existed two other barrows-circles remains only one stone. They also portrayed two individual cells. Hence, originally had been constructed four individual cells. Together with the Colonnade four cells transmit the information that for life continuation fourth level of consciousness has to transfer to the fifth – the united consciousness.
  • The circular Colonnade is an image of the united consciousness cell which has arisen in the result of association of four individual cells. It is also an image of a brain area of the united consciousness cell concerning an ancient bank and the Heel stone.
  • The Horseshoe – an image of a half moon – is the result of a brain area shift at the united consciousness formation.
  • Openings behind the central circle known as the Y and Z show the expansion of a brain area at the united consciousness formation.
  • The Altar stone marks the place of maximum width of the crescent of the unified consciousness. This maximum width of crescent emphasizes also the highest central trilithon.

  • The Heel stone with surrounding it circular ditch is an image of an individual cell. Thus the Heel stone represents a brain area of an individual cell, and a circular ditch around it – a border of this cell.
  • The Avenue - shows a long way of mankind evolution before formation of the united consciousness. The bend of Avenue represents a basic change of mankind consciousness under influence of the commandments. The end of the Avenue represents the termination of individual consciousness of mankind and the Transition to the united consciousness.
  • Blue stones - represent a human being, the highest level of consciousness on Earth. By means of blue stones it is also shown an expansion of a brain area at the Transition from individual consciousness to the united consciousness of mankind.
  • The Dashed line represents huge number of people necessary for formation of the united consciousness for the Transition in the next cycle of life.

So, Stonehenge informs. The long way of mankind individual consciousness perfection is ended and for continuation of life it is necessary to make the Transition to the united consciousness. Thus, huge quantity of people has to participate in association of consciousness.

Phases of construction

Let's look once again over the results of research scientists who have studied in details all phases of great Stonehenge construction and visualize them in pictures. However, we will look at this sequence already from the point of view of extraterrestrial civilizations – scientists, builders and architects, whose purpose is information transmission to people of Earth. Let us examine how their thought has developed during all time of construction of this monument.

So what scientists tell to us? In constructing of the monument can be allocated three phases.

Phase I: 3000 BC
The first monument represented a round earth ditch which is still visible.Unlike other ditch it is located outside.At the same time already has been made north-eastern entrance, having the direction on sunrise in midsummer. At the same time Aubrey holes were made. None of them was used for setting stones.

Phase II: 2900 - 2400 BC

During this period wooden constructions have been added.

Phase Ill: 2600 - 1600 BC
The third and final phase of construction covers the period of 1000 years. During this period there was made a replacement of wooden constructions by stone as well as were manufactured the main stone constructions which gave the monument its modern view. This phase can be divided into three stages. First of all, the half moon from blue stones from the Wales was created. Then - the stone circle of sandstone and, finally, was made a rearrangement of stones, creating today’s the shape of the monument.

Phase IIIа
At the first stage approximately in 2600 BC, 80 blue stones have been transported from the Preselsky Mountains of the Southern Wales located in 385 km (240 miles) and have been installed in two rows, forming a crescent.

Moving of such a big quantity of stones on a great distance already was a significant fulfillment itself. It is still unclear, why these specific stones were so particularly important for the construction.

Phase IIIb
In an early Bronze Age blue stones have been replaced by boulders of sandstone from Marlborough hills. The external ring formed by the top crosspieces has been constructed from them in the middle of a monument. Besides, in this circle five trilithons, as a pair stones united at the top by a horizontal crosspiece, have formed a horseshoe. During this period was the Avenue also was constructed.

At this stage of construction there are a lot of questions – how it was possible to make that has been made... Each stone weighed more than 25 tons and should be transported nearby 30km (19 miles). There was also made an improbable work on lifting and installation of stones, combining them to create a comprehensive complex. Besides, how it was possible to do such great work by means of stone hammers used at that time.

Phase IIIс. During this period, blue stones have been rearranged, at least, three times. In their final position, they formed an internal circle and a Horseshoe, duplicating stones-boulders from sandstone.

The circle originally consisted of approximately 60 stones, and only a few of them remained. The Horseshoe was made of the blue stones formed a square column or an obelisk. The center was the stone Altar, now fallen, but probably it will be put upright.

It seems that this phase remained unfinished because some of the holes (known as Y and Z holes) behind the central circle were ready, but never used.
This way stage by stage was created a unique prehistoric monument of Europe - a stone circle of sandstone, with a huge hard-connected square stones and beautiful geometry.


Stonehenge is a huge panoramic image in a stone known to each of us in a daily life, but absolutely new from the point of view of the Transition into the new cycle of a life, the process of the united consciousness formation. This complex emphasizes improbable importance of change of our consciousness mode for continuation of life.

The similar information transfer all objects of the System of information transmission (SIT) of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Stonehenge, as well as all objects of the SIT ETC has been created by the united consciousness action. And despite of it, it was made during improbably long time. It is natural, that the reason why ETC worked on this monument about 20 centuries, for certain was very weighty. And our decoding confirms it.

Now we can safely answer on two most often asked questions about a Stonehenge on which mankind already did not hope receive an answer – "Who has created this monument? " And "For what?"

Here is the answer. Stonehenge created extraterrestrial civilizations in order to demonstrate the way to prolong our life through the united consciousness before the beginning of global cataclysms. This is the great mystery of Stonehenge. Today, you also with the dictionary of ETC symbols read the pictogram laid by extraterrestrial civilizations into such a magnificent structure, which excites the minds of people all over the world for so many centuries.


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