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Magnetic field of Earth threatens

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

Global cataclysms beginning after three preliminary cataclysms

On the base of two codes analog and digital received through channeling we decoded many hundreds of ETC pictograms scattered all over the world and composed the dictionary of ETC symbols of consciousness for over 250 symbols.

In last messages ETC warn about soon beginning of global cataclysms as a result of magnetic field decreasing. ETC also inform that before global cataclysms three preliminary catastrophes of incredible power separated by short intervals will happen. The only one way to prolong our life is the Transition on the Highest level of the material world through the united consciousness of all civilization.

Magnetic field of Earth in ETC symbolic of hysteresis loop

It is known that the Earth's core is ferromagnetic. Various ferromagnetic materials develop according to a hysteresis loops of different shapes.

As it is known, the magnetic field of the Earth reminds a dipole. ETC inform that our planet Earth develop on the base of a hysteresis loop. ETC in many crop circles confirm that our planet already completed the cycle of magnetization, passed the beak and now is on demagnetization branch of a hysteresis loop.

Reducing of planet's magnetic field, observed by scientists, also indicates that the Earth's magnetic field causes danger for our life. The major symbols of danger in ETC messages-warnings are symbols of a magnetic field, hysteresis loop and its beak. Les’ see some examples of symbol of hysteresis loop and its parts in crop circles:

A special symbol for Earth magnetic field danger

In 2000 ETC introduced a special symbol of Earth magnetic field danger. These are dark and light quadrangles in chessboard order: rhombuses, squares, rectangles. Being extended and forming sharp peaks, they signal about extra danger. In this symbolic quadrangles represent the fourth level of human being consciousness.

ETC inform that the ozone layer depletion is a result of critical Earth magnetic field decreasing. This information revealed in the unprecedented sizes of an ozone hole over Antarctic.

The record sizes of ozone hole of 2000 with area of the 29,2 million кm2 have confirmed ETC warning of a dangerous condition of Earth magnetic field. Since 2000 the magnetic field symbolic appears only at its critical changes 1.5-2 months prior to ozone hole disclosing. Tragically, it happened almost annually.

In all crop circles ETC symbols of magnetic field are combined with symbols of mankind life – information cells. It shows dependence of mankind’ life from condition of Earth magnetic field. Sometimes two or even three crop circles with chessboard order – symbols of magnetic field – appear depending on the weakening degree of Earth magnetic field.

Let’s see annual ETC report of magnetic field condition revealing in the state of ozone holes.

ETC Report of Earth Magnetic Field Condition

2002. On July, 18th 2002 on fields of England had arisen the crop circle with magnetic field symbolic. Scientists register that ozone hole in September 2002 has divided in two. Depth of an ozone hole was 165 DU.

2003. On June, 24th 2003 on fields of England had arisen again a crop circle with magnetic field symbols. Scientists registered that ozone hole’ area reached 25 million кm2.

2004. On August 8 2004 on fields of England ETC again have warned about danger by crop circle with symbolic of magnetic field. Thickness of an ozone hole has reached the minimal value – 99 DU.

2005г. The area of ozone hole was 27 million. km2. Thickness of an ozone hole was 110 DU.

2006. ETC informed that Earth magnetic field as if has been torn away from a skeleton. Scientists registered that the ozone hole has broken the second record. The huge size of ozone hole 28.4 million км2 or 11.4 million in sq. miles reached almost joint area of the North America and Argentina. A thickness of an ozone layer was 93 DU.

2007. Area of ozone hole covered 25 million km2. A thickness of an ozone layer was 125 DU.

2008. Area of ozone hole – 10.5 million sq.miles. A thickness of an ozone layer was 107 DU.

2009. The maximum area of ozone hole in 2009 had reached 24 million km2. A thickness of ozone layer – 240 DU.
From the scientists point of view the decreasing of ozone layer was not serious. However ETC confirmed absolutely opposite. They presented a huge empty box in crop circle, informing that Earth magnetic field is almost absent. Nevertheless, the mankind continues to live on this planet, deeply assured in its reliability.

The presented ETC report of magnetic field condition gives mankind possibility to learn about a menacing condition of our planet magnetic field. This information can not be obtained in accordance with the present level of development of science and technology. The most important that we do not have experience in this process. We never have passed through similar process of the termination of the planet cycle. We do not have the criteria to estimate a condition of Earth magnetic field.

The radical changes occurring in Earth magnetic field dramatically reveals in nature. Failure of internal biological compass in the result of magnetic field decreasing leads to loss of orientation and mass destruction of whales, dolphins rushing on coast. The same reason causes destruction of huge flights of thousand birds.

The Barkhausen effect explains the reason of global cataclysms beginning

It is known that the Earth's core is ferromagnetic. The reason of global cataclysms beginning explains the Barkhausen effect, which occurs in ferromagnetic materials. According to the Barkhausen effect at certain value of magnetic field in ferromagnetic material spontaneous jumps of magnetization arise.

Barkhausen jumps - is the result of movement of interdomain boundaries

It happens in some areas of both ascending and descending branches of hysteresis loop of ferromagnetic material. Jumps occur suddenly, reaching value of «field of start». In the beginning arise single random jumps. Then, their number is growing. In the cyclic remagnetization Barkhausen’ jumps overlap on each other forming «packages of magnetic noise».

Start of Barkhausen’ jumps, the speed of their rise and form of «magnetic noise packages» depends on structures of ferromagnetic material. In the soft carbon steels Barkhausen’ jumps occur slowly and sluggishly. In solid stainless steel - the number of jumps increases very rapidly. Bellow are presented some examples of «magnetic noise packages » in different ferromagnetic materials.


The Barkhausen effect is widely used for nondestructive testing of ferromagnetic materials’ condition in many branches of industry: aviation, machinery, etc.

On macro level of planet Earth these jumps of magnetization correspond to natural catastrophes accompany earthquakes, tsunami, flooding and other.

ETC confirm that the decreasing of Earth magnetic field has almost reached critical value, the «field of start». That is why soon catastrophes will begin. ETC warn that global cataclysms will begin by three preliminary cataclysms of incredible strength. We never see such phenomena of nature.

Symbols of magnetic field are presented in ancient complex of Chan-Chan.  So, humanity is like fishes in the nets of the Earth magnetic field.

ETC pictograms in detail show the epicenter of preliminary cataclysms and human losses in each of them.

ETC inform that the first pre-cataclysm will occur in the Pacific Ocean from outside Peru in the area of the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly. It will start up at the intersection of Humboldt Current, which runs from south to north, and El Ni?o, which runs parallel to the equator. ETC also represent the direction of first pre-cataclysm action which will pass through east coast of the North America. The intensity of human losses on both continents – North America and South America will be huge.
This information is transferred in ancient complex Chan-Chan Peru by two perpendicular walls and symbols of fishes and waves-currents and. It is shown also in crop circles 30 July 2010, Berkshire Buckinghamshire, England, Pachacamac and other objects.

Chan-Chan, Peru                                 30 July 2010 Berkshire-Buckinghamshire, England
Edgar Cayce, famous American prophet predicted that cataclysms w ill change the surface of Earth and in a few minutes the waters of Mexican Golf will joint with Great Lakes. ETC created in Mexico many complexes which are placed in the path of the first pre-cataclysm.

El Ni?o                                         Humboldt Current                      Edgar Cayce

The second and the third pre-cataclysms will be worse. ETC confirm that after three pre-cataclysms global cataclysms will begin. Global cataclysms of our planet destruction will never stop and become only stronger.  Holy Scriptures noted that mountains will be turned into heaps of sand. It will be impossible to hide somewhere in bunkers and to wait till they end.

ETC confirm that global cataclysms will gradually transfer our Earth from the group of planets in the solar system with present development of consciousness to the group of planets with past development of consciousness.

The only way for salvation – the Transition on the safe Highest level of the material world

ETC inform that the only way for humanity’ salvation is the Transition from the level of global cataclysms where we live now to the Highest level of the material world without catastrophes. The Transition can be made only through synchronous unification of all civilization’ consciousness. We will prolong our life on the Highest level in the new cycle of Correction. In all ETC complexes all over the world the Transition of humanity is shown similar to a flight and is presented by different birds, Birdmen, dragon flights, beatles etc, with analog and digital symbolic.

Our Transition will not affect anybody’ private property.

Edgar Cayce the famous American prophet predicted global cataclysms beginning and foretold that hope of humanity will come from Russia. Edgar Cayce predicted that the salvation of mankind from global cataclysms will be based on the principles of association and fraternity. It will be not a communism. But everyone will be responsible for each other.
So, it means the unification of humanity consciousness. Just this information transfer ETC in all their messages. And Russian scientists decoded their messages.

ETC warn that civilization has to be pre-informed about the scenario of global cataclysms beginning event. Not informed civilization has no chance to make the Transition in time and to prolong life.  ETC warn that after the first pre-cataclysms it will be very difficult to do it. This is related with disconnecting of phone and Internet communications in the result of super-powerful disaster.

ETC insist to spread widely the information about upcoming cataclysms and the Transition through the united consciousness as the only one way to prolong life of Earth humanity.

In our understanding the first pre-cataclysms probably can happen very soon.
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