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Petra – the Instructions of the Fiery Bible for the Transition

Victoria Popova and Lidia Andrianova


Dates of three preliminary cataclysms


Extraterrestrial civilizations had built on Earth two types of complexes. Some of them, warning about mortal danger, are giving the dates of three preliminary cataclysms, others - show the way to salvation.

World famous Petra in Jordan – the seventh wonder of the world – by warning of the mortal danger of the future, does not indicate the dates of the pre-cataclysms. Petra transfers to humanity the detailed Instructions for the Transition. Based on the dates of pre-cataclysms and the Instructions, mankind will be able to continue life in the beginning of global cataclysms. The main buildings Al Khazneh or the Treasury, and Ad-Deir, as well as the rest of the 800 buildings of Petra explain how make the Transition from the level of Crystal Structures, where today lives mankind, and where soon will be raging global cataclysms, to the secure parallel the Highest level of the material world.

They inform that for the Transition the united consciousness of Earth civilization has to cause the laser beam that will destroy the bodies at the level of the Crystal Structures. Simultaneously will happen the General resurrection of humanity on the Highest level of the material world.

This information has been understood by us as a result of decoding many hundreds of complexes of extraterrestrial civilizations around the world on the base of two keys to the symbolic of consciousness given from the Above. We have composed the Dictionary of symbols of consciousness for over 300 symbols.

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Predictions of many great prophets indicate that these warnings are for our time, i.e. for us.

So, what to do? Staying on the planet in the same condition means certain death, because the incredible power of cataclysms is incompatible with life of an organic nature and a human. Cataclysms will destroy earth-bound humanity. The only way to continue life is to make the Transition before they begin. But how ???

All complexes of extraterrestrials from different sides reveal humanity the incredible possibilities of action, caused by the united consciousness. These are plasticine stones of granite and pulling growths from granite monoliths of 200-500 tons; merging of boundaries of huge multi-ton blocks, vitrification of surface of the multi-ton basalt blocks, moving of multi-ton blocks by changing their weight, great precision of lines of huge pictograms, that retained regardless of landscape and many-many others. By the action of the united consciousness are composed all their complexes.

To unite consciousness of all people on Earth and to cause the action of the laser beam - that's to what urge extraterrestrials. They confirm that the action of the united consciousness is the only way for salvation.


The laser beam, as the Obelisk


The most detailed Instructions for the Transition extraterrestrial civilizations presented in Petra, which includes 800 facilities. Petra, by warning of mortal danger of the future, does not give the dates of the pre-cataclysms. Petra gives the Instructions that explain how to make the Transition from the level of Crystal Structures – the home of mankind for today and where soon be raging global cataclysms – to the parallel Highest level of the material world, where the new cycle of life will begin through the General resurrection. The Instructions are presented by the symbols of consciousness, and in order to understand them - to us Russian scientists - were given two keys from the Above.

Petra – is not the city of the dead. It shows the planet Earth, abandoned by people, who, escaping from global cataclysms, had made the Transition to the safe Highest parallel level of the material world in the next cycle of life. That’s why, almost all 800 buildings of Petra are named tombs, among which are both royal, and ordinary – it shows that for cataclysms all people are equal.

Petra – is an information pictogram of extraterrestrial civilizations. Petra is scenery for the passionate story of extraterrestrial civilizations about sudden beginning of global cataclysms, its incredible power, aimed at the destruction of the planet that will destroy humanity, tied to it, and also about unique opportunity to continue life - to make the Transition before its start. That is why the main building Al Khazneh, as well as all other tombs have only exquisite exterior facades, but interior spaces are very small, and sometimes even difficult to access, for example, in Ad-Deir. Complex Petra is not adapted either for housing or for burial.

A distinctive feature of Al Khazneh, and Ad-Deir – the main buildings of Petra – are dotted lines that catch the eye, even at a cursory glance. On Al Khazneh dotted lines are arranged vertically, and on Ad-Deir – horizontally. The perpendicular arrangement of the dotted lines indicates on a fundamentally different way of transmitting information – through images on Al Khazneh and with symbolic of consciousness on Ad-Deir.

The symbol of the Transition – Birds-Eagles are presented on Al Khazneh. Huge Urns to store the ashes which crowned two main buildings Al Khazneh and Ad-Deir, inform about the successful Transition and continuing of life through the General resurrection on the Highest level of the material world. The image of heart at the four sides of the base of the Urn of Ad-Deir means that only through love and mutual understanding humanity will be able to make the Transition.

This information about burning of a body with a laser beam, and resurrection from the ashes transfers the world known legend of the Sacred Phoenix bird.

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On Al Khazneh two bands of rectangles that extend from top to bottom on both edges of the facade, forming a vertical dashed line, cause a sharp dissonance with refined harmony of the structure. They have deepenings on the bottom and remind steps of humanity.

Rectangles shown in pairs, on the one hand, represent the fourth level of human consciousness. On the other hand, they inform about the shift of brain area in cells of people at combining consciousness. This means that the Earth's civilization has united consciousness for the Transition in the next cycle of life. The pair is the minimum required number of people for formation of the united consciousness and causing an action. United consciousness of civilization will also be held in pairs.


The pictogram of double footprints of humanity is represented also in Turkey, Cappadocia on hoodoos-earth pyramids, resembling mushrooms. In Peru, the same information transfers «the Band of Holes» with about 7000 holes man-sized, which depict brain areas of cells of people of the planet. So is presented Earth civilization – 7 billion of people that unite consciousness for the Transition.

On Ad-Deir horizontal dashed line, that runs across the top of the facade, form alternating symbols of consciousness - circles and tridents. Thus, circles represent brain areas of information cells of a human, and tridents - three levels of consciousness included in the human cell – so is shown the structure of a human cell. Individual information cell and a trident are symbols-analogues, representing a human being. Therefore, a line of alternating symbols represents a lot of people standing one after another – so is shown united consciousness of humanity for the Transition.

Tridents are represented in many complexes of extraterrestrial civilizations, including the Nazca Lines. The largest image of the trident is the Paracas Candelabra, in Peru of 128 meters height. Triangle in the Candelabra also presents

three levels of consciousness included in a human cell, i.e. shows its structure. Not ripped and ripped triangular pediments, presented on numerous tombs of Petra - are the same triangle of the Candelabra.

Ripped pediments inform that the laser beam had burned wide margins of cells, tearing them to form the single cell of Earth civilization for the Transition. Not ripped triangular pediments mean that mankind did not make the Transition and was destroyed by cataclysms. This is shown by washed out, blurred and warped parts of the facade.

In Petra dotted lines of alternating symbols - circle-trident are presented on many facilities, such as the temple of Dushara deity in the passage Siq, on the Urn Tomb, on the separate building Qasr Al-Bint, in the tombs of the Little Petra.

In the Triclinium of the Lions over the entrance aperture is presented a dotted horizontal line consisting of alternating tridents and cells. At both ends of this line are presented images of the human face, which clarifies that both alternating symbols - tridents and cells – is an image of a human in the two systems of coding of symbolism of consciousness - analog and digital. Lion in the symbolic of consciousness depicts incredible amplification of the laser beam. Two lions at the entrance to the tomb show that humanity has to incredibly amplify the laser beam by consciousness.

This important process, as the basis of the Transition, is shown in the drawings of the «Lost book of Nostradamus» with the images of the Lion.

On the Obelisk Tomb under the same dotted line is shown the human body in the robe without a head. So is shown that mankind by its consciousness has to cause the laser beam for a body destruction at the level of the Crystal Structures and the General resurrection.

In the alternating ornament under each trident are presented six truncated cones. Trident depicts three previous levels of consciousness included in a human cell. Expanding shape of truncated cones means expanding brain area of a human cell at association of consciousness for the Transition.

The number six indicates the carbon-base of a human, because the number six means the serial number of carbon in the Periodic Table of the elements of D. I. Mendeleev.

00 vic 5 E

Block «trident-six truncated cones» or cylinders means the Number of the Beast «666», about which warns the Bible. This block, depicting deadly obstacle for the unification of consciousness and the Transition, is represented not only in Petra, but also in the Parthenon and other ancient Greek temples.


To demonstrate an unsuspecting humanity incredible width and hardness of cell borders, extraterrestrials had depicted them by hundred-meters height walls of the Siq passage in Petra, by huge tall walls of the fortress Kuelap in Peru.

Enormous width and rigidity of borders of individual cells of people represent such cyclopean structures, as the three gear shafts of Saksaywaman, the Wall of six megalith of the temple of the Sun in Peru, and others.

The laser beam is depicted in the Petra as the Obelisks in several places. Thus, four Obelisks on the tomb of the Obelisk in the Bab-as-Siq show that the laser beam has to call fourth level of a human consciousness. Moreover, there are two separate Obelisks on top of the sacred mountain, as well as Nefesh near Tomb 70.

pict 025

On Al Khazneh are presented two types of Obelisks, depicting laser beams. One vertical standing laser-obelisk is shown on the side surfice of a cliff along the entire height of Al Khazneh. In addition, two huge laser beams extending into the rock are presented in the upper part of Al Khazneh.

pict 025 1

Extraterrestrial civilizations inform that a body destruction for the Transition is possible only through an incredible amplification of the laser beam, created by homogeneous-resonant structure of human consciousness. For this purpose, in the Transition will take part two groups of people. People of the highest consciousness, who dedicated their lives to prayer, will cause by their consciousness multiple laser beams as igniters.

However, they are not strong enough to break cell borders of all civilization simultaneously, and humanity has to incredibly amplify them. For amplification is necessary to form homogeneous-resonant structure of consciousness of humanity, created through synchronous breathing. As a result, will arise the laser beam of incredible power that will destroy bodies at the level of the Crystal Structure for the General resurrection at the Highest level of the material world.

It is impossible to make the Transition individually, one by one. Either the whole of humanity simultaneously will make the Transition, or the whole Earth civilization will perish in global cataclysms of the planet destruction.

The Principle of the united consciousness for the Transition is presented everywhere in Petra - on rocks, tombs, temples - by the unidentate stepped ornament.

On capitals of all columns of Petra' tombs, as well as complexes in Saudi Arabia are depicted the parts of the circles with a designated center, reminding arms, outstretched for a hug. This way is shown a shift of a brain area of a human cell from the center to its edge, originating at the association of consciousness for the Transition.


An incredible amplification of the laser beam for the Transition depicts the image of Lion presented in many buildings - the Temple of the Winged Lions, the Triclinium of the Lions, the Lion Fountain.

Homogeneous resonant structure of human consciousness represents columns consisting of many layers in all temples, as well as on the Colonnade Street. It is depicted by many-toothed stepped ornament on the entire territory of Petra, especially on the Street of Facades.


About synchronization of breathing for creation homogeneous-resonant structure of consciousness inform heads of Elephants with long trunk, open mouth and big hole of nostrils on the capitals of the columns of the Great temple, and the image of Elephant in the passage Siq.

The Djinn blocks in Petra represent the fourth level of human consciousness and its evolution. Image of a snake – the symbol of cataclysm in the famous Snake Monument is placed near the Djinn block with not clear, but already washed

out blurred borders, surrounded by water streams, flowing from it. This way is shown the destruction of humanity by global cataclysms.


In the Amphitheatre for 3000 seats symbols of consciousness are presented everywhere. Washed out the Djinn block with blurred edges that stands near to the Amphitheatre informs, that the messages about global cataclysms beginning and the Instructions for mankind salvation have to be spread as widely as possible throughout the world.


The White Brotherhood of the Transition


World famous clairvoyant Vanga predicted that in the world will appear the New Doctrine based on the old doctrine of the White Brotherhood, on the roots of which it will bloom, like a flower in the sun rays. The New Doctrine will combine all religions; it will come from Russia and spread throughout the world. Books, printed about it, will be read all over the world. It will be «the Fiery Bible. » As a fiery stream, it will rush to the people.

00 vic 10 small

This way is presented the Doctrine of the Transition based on the laser beam for body destruction with simultaneous General resurrection of humanity. The bright red color, which takes Al Khazneh in the rays of setting sun, represents the laser beam, lighted by the united consciousness of Earth civilization before beginning of global cataclysms. The Doctrine of the Transition is «the Fiery Bible», which reveals to humanity the only way to prolong life.


Vanga also predicted that this New Doctrine will cover the Earth with white color as a coverlet and, thanks to it, people will be saved.


The process of converting any color into white demonstrate the earth pyramids-hoodoos, which are presented throughout the world, including the United States, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Serbia, Italy. Hoodoo - is a rock formation of big height up to 45 meters that depict people in the world. They represent the change of the mode of consciousness – from individual, depicted by pyramids standing separately into the united consciousness of civilization, presented by a huge array of fused pyramids. In accordance with the races of mankind, hoodoos-earth pyramids have different colors.

Thus, hoodoos demonstrate important feature. Independently from the color of the pyramids, when their tops, which depict consciousness, merge together, they as if are covering by white coverlet. It arises at the moment of the highest manifestation of love of people of Earth to each other. Synchronization of consciousness will create homogeneous resonant structure, which will cause the laser beam of incredible power. This way humanity will continue life.

It is hard to imagine how deep, with all soul have love each other all people of Earth, how have to merge consciousness together in order to realize this merger, shown by hoodoos-earth pyramids. Without love any efforts of humanity will not be successful – the Transition will be impossible.


The unification of consciousness has to be based on the golden principle of morality, «Love thy neighbor as thyself. » Thus, humanity consciously has to turn over the relationship in the world from hate to love. About this overturn of consciousness informs the inverted cross of St. Peter.


That is the world-famous great «White Brotherhood» people of the world, based on a deep understanding and brotherhood, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, which was predicted by the whole pleiad of great people, famous prophets and predictors. Helena Blavatsky, Helena and Constantine Roerich, Edgar Cayce, Vanga and others foresaw the birth of the new global consciousness of brotherhood of people responsible for each other.


00 vic 11

In the Bible, the Book of the Prophet Isaiah is foretold that there will come time when the nations «shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more».


The area of the White Brotherhood also is presented in Petra near the Djinn Blocks, depicting the civilization of Earth. From above it is clear that the landscape of this area reminds merged hoodoos.


Vanga prophesied that the Doctrine of the White Brotherhood – is «the Fiery Bible.» Indeed, the White Brotherhood will arise only after the unification of consciousness of civilization, which will cause the laser beam for a body destruction.

00 vic 12 R

At the moment of body destruction with the laser beam the orderly part of the cell of civilization will be transferred from the Information world into the material, which on the Highest level of the material world will disclose by holograms of the General resurrection without weight. After the Transition, on the Highest level of the material world humanity will have holographic body without weight.

Famous American Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce predicted that when the Earth will be embraced by natural disasters, «the hope of the world will come from Russia. In the world will come other relationship between people, not the communism, no, but such freedom, when everyone will live for the good of his neighbor.»

00 vic 14x800

Thus will arise the new world epoch – the great universal brotherhood of mankind that will unite consciousness for the Transition. The unification of consciousness will not affect private property of anyone.

All of these complexes, as well as Petre warn mankind about the occurrence of global cataclysms and the necessity of the Transition. Transmitted by extraterrestrial civilizations, the New Doctrine of the Transition, as the only way to escape from global cataclysms, has been received by us, Russian scientists. The New Doctrine of the Transition will give humanity unshakeable confidence in the continuation of life.

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