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Preparing for the Transition

©Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova

In order to make the Transition it is necessary that the whole civilization know about coming events - what will happen, and what we have to do.

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The first preliminary cataclysm will bring numerous destruction of entire countries and even continents, cause planetary radioactive contamination of the environment due to the destruction of nuclear power plants, located on the way of natural blow and huge human losses.

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And on the top of all, communication between countries and continents will be interrupted. People will not know what to do and will not be confident about the future. So, it would be terrible, if this natural blow of incredible power hit unprepared humanity.

Extraterrestrial civilizations rivet attention of mankind on the date December 21, 2012. The mystery of the words’ combination «the end of the Mayan calendar» promotes to spread this information around the world. Today, this date is known everywhere. However, what does it mean? December 21, 2012 is the most important date in the evolution of mankind – it is the date of the end of the cycle of Consciousness in harmony of the planet Earth. It means the end of the familiar life of earth dwellers and the beginning of the active destruction of the planet by global cataclysms. This process can not be stopped. Shortly after the Transition of mankind to the next cycle of life overturn of the poles will happen. 

The first preliminary cataclysm will overturn life of humanity and change the values. As a result, humanity will accept the decision about the urgent Transition to the new cycle of life. So, the new era of human consciousness development will be open. On this date will be finished usual life of earth dwellers, because will begin the phase of active destruction of the planet by global cataclysms in the result of overcritical weakening of the Earth's magnetic field. This process will lead soon to overturn of the poles, and it is impossible to stop it.

The main value will be life, so we will need to take the decision about immediate Transition to a new cycle of life. This way will be opened a new era of human consciousness. The Transition has to be based on the golden rule of morality – «Love your neighbor as yourself. » 

It is very important for mankind to understand the dates of scenario of preliminary cataclysms. On the dates of two preliminary cataclysms indicate the shadow effect of the descending serpent on Kukulkan pyramid in the complex of Chichen Itza, in Mexico. These are the days of spring and autumn equinoxes – March 20-21 and September 22, 2013. On the period of onset of the third preliminary cataclysm indicates Nostradamus in the picture The Red Cancer – from June, 22 to July, 22. However, a sequence of three preliminary cataclysms and the year of their occurrence are still unknown.

After the first preliminary cataclysm of incredible force will be broken communications between countries and people, but, despite this, humanity has to act in necessary for the Transition direction. Mankind has to make the Transition before the second preliminary cataclysm.

Today huge number of people on the planet is not notified yet about the occurrence of global cataclysms and the necessity of the Transition. Information spreads very, very slowly.


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This is very bad for all of us – the people of the Earth – because it affects our common future.

Events after December 21, 2012

Ozone holes as it is known occur in the autumn and spring. It means, that just at this time throws of weakening of the planet magnetic field occur. Expanding through years, ozone holes inform of constant decrease of Earth magnetic field. This happens for over two decades.

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Extraterrestrials argue that the arising and expansion of ozone holes is the result of the evolution of the planet.

In the complex of Chichen Itza extraterrestrials specifically indicate two dates – the fall and spring equinoxes – 20-21 March and 22-23 September, when a shadow effect of dragon occurs annually. The effect presents a huge dragon wriggling on the Kukulkan pyramid' steps and descending from the top to its head on the earth. In the symbolism of extraterrestrials serpent or dragon means the symbol of global cataclysms. Thus, extraterrestrials inform that twice a year – during the fall and spring equinoxes the throws of magnetic field decreasing occur, each time approaching us to the beginning of global cataclysms. Overcritical weak magnetic field is revealed also in the expansion of ozone holes, which are also observed twice a year at the same time.

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Currently, the ozone holes of incredible size occur not only over the North Pole, but over the South Pole also. This means that the time of cataclysms is on the threshold. They are already here and extraterrestrials warn unsuspecting humanity about it.

Extraterrestrials warn that for continuation of life Earth civilization has to be maximum informed about upcoming events and the necessity to make the Transition to a safe level of the material world through the synchronous unification of humanity consciousness.

The humanity Transition to the next life-cycle indicates that the improvement of human consciousness in harmony of Earth at the level of Crystal Structures had reached its maximum, and the cycle of Consciousness is finished. This date also marks the end of usual life on the planet. Life, of course, full of struggle and anxiety, but also joy of victory and love!

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Thus, the Transition is a forced decision of humanity which will be accepted in the result of dramatic changes of the environmental conditions not compatible with the life of an organic nature and people. The continuation of life on the planet will become impossible, and it will be necessary to leave the level of global cataclysms as soon as posible. However, at this level of consciousness development which is reflected by achievements of our science and technology, there is no escape – humanity is completely tied to the planet, and can not leave it.

The only way to prolong our life in global cataclysms is shown by given by the Above detailed Instructions for the transition.

The mechanism of the Transition to the Highest level of the material world

Extraterrestrials inform that the united consciousness of humanity possesses an action, which under certain conditions, will be manifested in the form of a laser beam, necessary for the body destruction on the level of Crystal Structures, where soon global cataclysms will begin. Changing the density of our body is necessary for the transition through parallel levels of the material world.

Thus, the Earth civilization can make the Transition to safe level of the material world in the harmony of Earth through the synchronous unification of consciousness. In order to make the Transition humanity has to cause the laser beam that will destroy our bodies at the level of the Crystal Structure. At the same time we re-appear on the Highest level of the material world.

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This way the General resurrection will happen, described in many Holy Scriptures, and humanity already with holographic body will prolong its life in the new cycle – the cycle of Correction. Then all will be healthy – no injuries and diseases. The new cycle of life will have just two grades – paradise and hell, and everyone will be responsible for actions, made in the cycle of Consciousness in which we live now.

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The Transition is based on the properties of the information cell – always to have a projection in the material world for consciousness improvement. As soon as the laser beam will destroy our bodies at the level of the Crystal structures – at the same moment, a renewed humanity occurs, but at the Highest levels of the material world. So, our today’ physical bodies we will not take with us to the new life. This message clearly inform sarcophagi of Karajia and other pictograms of extraterrestrial civilizations on the territory of Chachapoyas in Peru and others places in the planet

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Extraterrestrials inform that the laser beam for the Transition will cause only a certain group of people on the planet. They are people of the highest consciousness, because all their life devoted to spiritual perfection. All mankind has to create only homogeneous resonant medium of consciousness that the caused laser beam would be able to capture all united cell of civilization.

So, the necessary conditions for the Transition can create only simultaneous efforts of two groups of people. On the one hand, all humanity has to create homogeneous resonant medium of consciousness. On the other hand, group of people of the highest consciousness will cause the laser beam.


Attempts to make the Transition by certain groups of people. Some groups of people around the world in anticipation of the end of the world commit group suicide. However, the Transition can make only the whole civilization simultaneously. Premature destruction of the body lead not to the Transition, but to appear on the same level of the material world where we live today holographic images, called ghosts. The appearance of ghosts, as well as the Transition to the Highest level of the material world and the General resurrection, are based on the same property of information cells – to have constantly the projection in the material world. However, the mechanism of the Transition, i.e. transfer of a body from one level of the material world on another, will work only in one case – if the decision about the Transition will accept the whole civilization simultaneously.

Everyone who makes such deeply wrong decision has to know that people committed suicide; in contrast to all other people of the world will have completely different transformations. Never do this – the Transition into the next cycle of life with completely different conditions is very close.

vic 10 We have to stop suicides, because it reveals low level of civilization consciousness, lack of understanding and love.

Steps of the Transition – from reality to reality

Events that await humanity in the nearest future are the Transition from one reality to another reality.

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The Transition will be from the reality of life at the level of the Crystal structures to the reality of the existence at the Highest level of the material world with other space-time characteristics.

 vic 13

These two realities are connected with each other through consciousness of humanity, because the Transition is possible only at simultaneous unification of civilization consciousness with a common goal, which will cause an action in the form of laser beam.

 After preliminary training for the formation of the united consciousness, humanity has to make the Transition. For this goal has to be set the date and time of readiness for the start of the Transition.

The preparetion for the Transition will be realized in three stages.

  • The first stage – synchronization of civilization’ consciousness for creation of the homogeneous resonant medium. It consists of three phases: synchronization of consciousness by countries, continents and whole civilization.
  • The second stage – synchronization of consciousness of people of the highest spirituality in order to cause an action of the united consciousness as a laser beam.
  • The third stage – the general synchronization for the Transition.

The General resurrection of all humanity on the Highest level of the material world in the new cycle of life will complete the process of the Transition.

The technique of the Transition

The basis of union consciousness is deep mutual love of all people on Earth are bound to the planet, and therefore bound by a single destiny. The basis of the relationship is a well-known principle «Love your neighbor as yourself». All hearts have to merge into one heart – only such mutual relationship can create a homogeneous resonant medium of consciousness.

vic 14 

A half-turn to each other is not enough, only face-to-face and hugged!

vic 15

In order to form the united cell of Earth civilization wide and rigid boundaries of our information cells has to be destroyed. Aroused laser beam will capture the homogeneous resonant medium of consciousness and destroy the body. This process will start up the mechanism of the beginning of the General resurrection at the Highest level of the material world.

Rhythmic breathing

Synchronous formation of homogeneous resonance medium of human consciousness can be achieved through breathing. It can be realized by the special technique of rhythmic breathing «Sudarshan Kriya». It includes «certain natural rhythms of breath which harmonize the rhythms of the body, mind and emotions, and set them on the rhythm of nature. »

vic 16 

Sudarshan Kriya includes four types of breathing techniques: deep breathing at three levels; Bhastrika, OM vibration and Sudarshan Kriya – three circles with the growing rhythm of breathing. Studding of Sudarshan Kriya rhythms is made by instructors.

 «Breathing exercises includes preparatory and basic stages. In the preparatory stage by a special technique consistently are made breathing exercises by three parts of lungs: bottom (belly), middle (rib) and top (clavicle).» «On the main stage – the technique of rhythmic breathing Sudarshan Kriya – breathing is perform in three different rhythms of the three cycles consistently replacing each other, forming uniform wavy process. Each of rhythms includes a system of breaths and exhalations which are performed in a specified ratio of breath-exhalation duration, their certain depth and appropriate corresponding rate. »

 vic 17

This technique is used for conscious control of the breathing rhythm and restores the natural biorhythms of the organism, i.e. all organs and systems. It will allow creating homogeneous-resonant medium of the united consciousness of humanity.

Common destiny of humanity

Of course, it will be very desirable that the Transition occurred before the second preliminary cataclysm. That would be incredibly good for all people of the world – rich and poor, kind and aggressive – for everyone. We will not experience the severe consequences of the radioactive contamination of the environment and the deep grief of loss of friends and relatives. We all depend on each other and we all have a common destiny, because we are tied to the planet. Global cataclysms having begun, very quickly will destroy all of us – irrespective of position occupied today and level of money – both presidents, and the homeless – everybody indiscriminately.

vic 18 

Today, some people think that have built a completely secure underground shelters – huge, deep-lying, self-contained for many years. No, it is not so! This is the most dangerous mistake. These «safe shelters » of huge sizes in the first hours will be milled in the meat grinder of cataclysms. The whole planet will be turned upside down to the core. Begun processes of destruction will never stop. Millions and millions of years, global cataclysms will only increase with each passing day – only destruction, destruction and destruction. Pop out of the ground and continue life would be impossible. We, like ostriches are trying to hide head from danger in the sand. Thereby, we doom ourselves to inevitable destruction.

We have just one way for the salvation – the Transition through the united consciousness of civilization, and we have to realize it in any situation and under any circumstances. If we will make the Transition before the socond preliminary cataclysm – our life will be continued, if we are late – life of all civilization will break.

Great prophets and leaders of our time – the Lubavicher Rebbe, Yitzchak Kaduri, and others – warned that these events will happen in our days.

vic 19 

Yitzchak Kaduripredicted – «Millions of people will lost their lives, homes, land on which they live... Everyone who will be lucky enough to survive will have to go through hard and most of all painful process of purification of consciousness...»

 vic 20

Natural catastrophes of incredible strength predicted famous American prophet Edgar Cayce.

Today many people still are not informed about coming events, others do not believe that something will happen. They consider that life on the planet will last forever or, at least, changes will not happen in our time and we do not have to think about it. The serene humanity will wait to the last, and under the most alarming warnings of extraterrestrial civilizations about danger will still hope that it never happens ... And nothing has to be changed!

vic 21 

However, it is not so, and all warnings of extraterrestrial civilizations will come true in the nearest time. It will be exactly as they warn. Comprehensive information about this cataclysm they transferred through many people of the world – Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and others. In our articles on the website this information is presented with generalizations, refinements and additions from the point of view of many handreds of decoded complexes that transmit the similar information in stone.

Let’s simply try to unite consciousness of civilization

Today extraterrestrial civilizations are in very intense expectation. On the one hand, they restrain the rapid decrease of the magnetic field of the planet.

vic 22 

On the other hand, information about upcoming events and the Transition spreads very slowly.

vic 23 

Extraterrestrial civilizations hope that the excitement of people in the world who have realized the extreme danger of future events for inexperienced Earth civilization, after all, will cause a hankering to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world before the first pre-cataclysm in the normal environmental conditions. For the first time the Earth dwellers will face the natural phenomena of incredible power – global cataclysms of the planet destruction. The Transition as the only right decision gives humanity the opportunity to continue life.

It's very pity that humanity has received all extraterrestrial’s instructions, but the Transition is delayed. While it's so easy to choose the date and all have to think about the same. After all, it is possible simply to try???

The Last Chance for your future

the firs pre-cataclysm – the event that completely overturns life of humanity. The global monetary system and mankind’ values will be changed.

vic 24 

The main value will be life and everyone strive to make the Transition for continuation of life as soon as possible.

However, each of us has to understand clearly – humanity makes this Transition into the cycle of Correction. Thisisjustanewcycleofourlife. Only little time remains before the beginning of the cycle of Correction – hell and paradise, where everyone will be responsible for actions made today. The cycle of Correction will be so incredibly long, as if we gain immortality. Hurry up to do goodness and kindness!

vic 25

Thus, in the nearest time we will transfer into the cycle of Correction, although it may be a surprise for many of us. Only few hours remain before the start of everyone’s report about made decisions and reached level of consciousness. These remaining hours are incredibly precious for each of us. They give us the chance to change something in our future life in the new cycle in order to make it easier. Take an advantage of these remaining moments, analyze your life and do everything that is only possible. You will do this, first of all, just only for yourself.

Each of us has not repaid debts – different – both material and spiritual. Give debts back, show love to your relatives and close ones, to all people who have made for you goodness and kindness.

vic 26

Forgive your enemies, because just your enemies and they only during all life helped you to correct your flaws and improve your consciousness in the desired direction.

 vic 27

In the cycle of Consciousness where we live now and which is already finished, each of us makes own decisions – to kill – or not to kill, to steal – or not to steal and etc. For taking correct decisions we were given the commandments – the laws of the world of consciousness, the world of soul. These are the laws of supreme harmony of the Universe, and everyone had to compare accepted decision with them, but it was very difficult and not always successful.

vic 28 

In the cycle of Correction, where we will transfer through synchronous unification of civilization’ consciousness, forced adjustment of consciousness with fire will happen. The areas corresponding to incorrectly accepted decisions will be burned out by fire. So, just the commandments are the criterion of paradise and hell. The cycle of Correction will also take place on Earth, but on a different level of the parallel worlds – on the Highest level.

The goal of the cycle of Correction is the final correction of consciousness in the harmony of Earth. Only after this is possible the transition to other step of consciousness development with higher requirements, which will provide parameters of the next planet of solar system – Venus. On this planet we also will live in two cycles – the cycle of Consciousness and the cycle of Correction. Then mankind will transfer to last the highest step of development of individual consciousness with a considerable share of united consciousness. This process will pass in the harmony of Mercury also in two cycles – Consciousnesses and Corrections. Further we also will have beautiful future – exploration of the immense Universe.

vic 29 

The Holy Scriptures confirm that in the cycle of Correction – the next cycle of life on Earth, humanity will become immortal. It means that the cycle of Correction will be incredibly long. Extraterrestrials also transfer humanity this information in their pictograms. For example, in the Nazca pictograms they show the cycle of Correction extremely long by long beaks of birds: the Flamingo with zigzag neck, Hummingbirds and others.

vic 30 

Such incredible duration of the cycle of Correction – millions and millions of years – is caused by certain depth of the layer, which burns a fire in a single pass.

The ancient knowledge of the Kabbalah says that man will take with him only what he gave. Now everyone has especially to control his behavior, and even thoughts. Love is knocking in the hearts of people. Millions and millions of hearts of civilization have to unite into one for the Transition and continuation of life.

Make donations which will in some way help to cover your bad deeds. Charity may help to redeem many wrong things that each of us had made in the cycle of Consciousness.

The basis of the Transition is a well-known principle: «Love your neighbor as yourself. » Hurry up to make goodness! Do good today. This is the last chance to help yourself in the nearest future.

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