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Decoding of the pictogram 28 April 2012 Yarnbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire, England

Decoding of the pictogram 28 April 2012 Wiltshire, England


© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2012



Summary. The pictogram indicates the necessity of humanity Transition to the next cycle of life on the safe Highest level of the material world before global cataclysm beginning. For the Transition we have to immediately begin training for the unification of consciousness across countries and continents. Extraterrestrials are warning that on September 22, 2012 second pre-cataclysm will happen, which may result in severe radioactive contamination of the environment in connection with the destruction of numerous nuclear power plants, placed on the way of natural blow. For the Transition to other parallel level of the material world we have to make our body transformation. For this purpose, the united consciousness of civilization has to cause a laser beam that removes the body from the level of global cataclysms. The laser beam can arise only in uniform resonant medium of humanity’ united consciousness.


Dragon is the symbol of global cataclysms beginning. Recently, pictograms on fields – crop circles transfer very agitated information of extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC). This is due to the fact that year 2012 in the history of our civilization is not simple, but special. As you know this is the year of Black Water Dragon. Dragon in ETC symbolic of consciousness means cataclysm. So, ETC are warning that in 2012 will begin global cataclysms.



Water Dragon – means that the epicenter of cataclysms will occur in the water, and black – the color of mourning, because in the first pre-cataclysm many people had to be lost.


The scenario of global cataclysms beginning – three pre-cataclysms. Mankind has never before met with natural phenomena of such power and has no idea what means – «the beginning of global cataclysms destroying the planet». In order that unprepared humanity would not have been immediately destroyed by global catastrophes, and had a chance to survive – ETC developed the scenario – before the global cataclysms three preliminary cataclysms will happen.



The laser beam for body transformation. Consequently, chaos of global cataclysms beginning ETC have sequenced. The calculation is very simple: already the first pre-cataclysm will demonstrate humanity wild phenomenon of nature. Humanity will understand that it is impossible to survive in such global disasters and it's just the beginning! According to ETC Instructions humanity will unite consciousness, causing it’s acting as a laser beam and make the Transition into the next life cycle before the second pre-сataclysm.



Dates of the first and second pre-cataclysms indicate the shadow effect of descending serpent on the pyramid of Kukulkan.  Dates of first and second pre-cataclysms, in accordance with the scenario, ETC identified by the shadow effect of the serpent descending on the pyramid Kukulkan at Chichen Itza complex, Mexico.




This serpent descends from top of the pyramid to earth twice a year – in the vernal and autumnal equinox on March 21-22 and September 20-22. This is the date of the first and second pre-cataclysms between which humanity has to make the Transition.



About the beginning of global cataclysms on Earth was known many, many thousands of years ago – at the dawn of human consciousness development. It was then that the scenario was compiled.


The reason for the scenario change – nuclear power plants on the way of the first pre-cataclysm.  However, life has disposed in another way. The epicenter of the first pre-cataclysm should occur off the coast of Peru – at the intersection of two currents – the Humboldt and El Niño in the area of the Brazilian magnetic anomaly – the weakest magnetic field of our planet, and go up to the eastern coast of the United States.



However, in the way of the first pre-cataclysm, mankind has built many nuclear power plants. The direction of the main blow of the first pre-cataclysm is marked by a red arrow. Dotted arrows indicate possible directions of side directions of the first pre-cataclysm blow.



Therefore, the scenario has been changed. Extraterrestrial civilizations constrained Earth's magnetic field and on March 21, 2012 instead of the first pre-cataclysm occurred only the earthquake in Mexico, a magnitude of 7.4.  Without ETC help the world would have radioactive contamination of the environment, which level would be much higher than after the tsunami in Japan.


The date of the second pre-cataclysm. The second pre-cataclysm had to be occurred in accordance with the scenario on March 22, 2012.  It will be much more powerful and extraterrestrial civilizations will not be able to constrain it in the same way as the first pre-cataclysm. Therefore, mankind has to unite consciousness and make the Transition, as expected, before the second pre-cataclysm, i.e. before September 21, 2012.  Consequently, now the time when humanity has possibility calmly make training for unification of civilization’ consciousness is clocking, but ... there is no training, and time inexorably moves forward to the specified date.


The Transition is possible only up to the second pre-cataclysm.  Why humanity has to make the Transition before the second pre-cataclysm?  Extraterrestrials are warning that the second pre-cataclysm, if it happens at full power, in a few minutes will destroy 2 billion people. The remaining population of Earth will not be able to start up the mechanism of the Transition, since the number of people will not be enough to cause the laser beam. The united consciousness can no longer cause the action of the necessary force to light the laser beam in order to destroy our bodies at the level of global cataclysms.


Just about this explains this pattern on the field. Let’s consider its contents. It is necessary to consider that, currently, playing and frolicking humanity makes hoaxes- fake crop circles, so in appearance, especially at a great distance – from Russia, it is sometimes difficult to determine the authenticity of the performance. So we'll just talk about what information this image transmits in ETC symbolic.




Decoding of the pictogram


The Universe and we. For decoding of the pictogram first of all, we need to know that there is the Universe, which includes three levels:



The information world

The material world


Each of the three levels represents a separate world. All the worlds are connected. The main purpose of the universe is the improvement of consciousness. God created this system and is beyond its borders.


The pictogram contains a multi-level information provided in the Information world abut individual and united consciousness of humanity.


Individual cell is representation of human being in the Information world.  In the material world there is the space and time. In the Information world there is neither space nor time, but only information. The human being is represented in the Information world by the individual information cell. Just as a person, an individual cell contains two parts - the body area the brain aria. It has also the external border which separates one individual from another. The individual information cell has the following representation:



The pictogram represents a broad ring, the inner part of which consists of two parts. One part is the image of the crescent, and the second – a set of wide strips.



A wide border of individual cell is the result of the carbon base of humanity.  Let’s see how these elements were formed. At first, there was an individual cell, i.e. one person. The boundary of his individual cell is represented by a wide outer ring of the pictogram. It shows that carbon basis plays an important negative role in mankind life, not allowing compassion and mutual aid to reveal. This wide ring does not allow merging cells at the unification of consciousness.


The Number of the Beast 666. Wide border of individual cells is manifested in big imperfections of mankind. This is – greed, cruelty, hate, wars, acts of terror, indifference to the fate of others. All these qualities of human nature do not allow us to form the united consciousness and to make the Transition. About this three times warns the Number of the Beast 666 – both human and apocalyptic number, presented in the Bible which we decoded through the analog and digital codes of extraterrestrial civilizations at the eve of beginning of global cataclysms. The Number of the Beast 666 on the one hand, points on the carbon basis of our life, presented in figure 6 – the serial number of carbon «C» in the periodic table of chemical elements of D. Mendeleyev – the great law of unity of matter in the universe.




On the other hand, the number 666 shows that in our cell are included three previous levels of consciousness – nonorganic nature of stars and also nonorganic and organic nature of planets, which have tremendous influences on our decisions - the blind fury of the stars, ferocity of animal and indifference of minerals.



This way extraterrestrial civilizations warned about deep selfishness of our individual consciousness, which prevents the unification and therefore deadly for the Transition in the next cycle of life. This defect of our highest consciousness has to be overcome only consciously!  This is the last step towards a great future, fully deserved by the incredible struggle of thousands of previous generations during consciousness development. We have to make the Transition in time – in the given to us a short period!


The fourth level of consciousness of humanity differs by mobility of brain area of information cell, i.e. opportunity to unite consciousness.  Mankind of Earth corresponds to the fourth level of consciousness. It differs from previous levels of consciousness by the mobility of brain area of information cell. This means that people can unite consciousness, for example, at communication. The united consciousness cell has an expanded brain area as a result of information exchange.



How is crescent of the united consciousness formed.  At the unification of consciousness a brain area in each cell moves from the center to the cell’ boundary, where the exchange of information happens. On the picture below is shown the process of unification of two people consciousness in the symbols of consciousness:



Consequently, the wide ring and crescent shown on the pictogram represent an individual cell of a human being with a shifted brain area is the result of consciousness unification. Crescent means that people united consciousness. How the crescent appeared is shown below.




Expansion of cells brain areas at unification of consciousness of increasing number of people. The second part of the pictogram is a set of wide arc’ strips. These are the arcs of other circles centers of which are located in the smallest circle. They represent an expansion of brain area of cells at transfer from individual to the united consciousness of whole civilization. However, extraterrestrial civilizations inform with regret, that humanity of Earth does not have training of consciousness unification for the Transition. Therefore, the lines of brain area expansion are interrupted, as if broken.


The story begins the small circle at the bottom. It is located near the border of the cell, painted in green. Its location near the border of the cell indicates that individual human being has united consciousness. However, as we see, this is small circle, is not whole and is broken into two parts – one of them, on the right is colored in dark and the other, on the left is colored in light. It tells us that actually it hasn't occurred, i.e. people do not unite consciousness, therefore, cell’ brain area doesn't shift to cell’ border.



Over this small circle are placed black and white semicircular strips. They are broken. This indicates a great pity that while training for the unification of consciousness for the Transition is already underway, but humanity does not do anything in this direction.


In the last right picture presented above is shown that the semicircular strips have to be whole because they represent the expansion of the cell’ brain area. Consequently, the brain area, which is shown as a small green circle, have to be expanded first to a blue semi-circle, then to yellow, etc. until it takes the entire cell. This means that all mankind of the Earth has united consciousness. Thus, the brain area occupied the entire inner part of the cell.


The cell of humanity’ united consciousness, with a brain area, which occupied the entire interior part of the cell appears as shown in black and white picture.



Pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition. And one more symbol is represented in this pictogram. This symbol is a pointed oval of dematerialization and the Transition. The symbol forms a line crossing the semi-circular strips and dividing them into two unequal parts.



This symbol is absolutely right presented by two authors Graham Lamat and Jay Goldner. Pointed oval of dematerialization is formed by the superposition of two circles, as shown in the figures of these authors below.



Pointed oval in terms of extraterrestrials symbolic of consciousness. Below is presented how is formed this symbol in terms of extraterrestrial civilizations symbolic of consciousness.



When two people unite consciousness, the brain areas of these cells shift to border for information exchange. If the cell’ borders are soft and thin, the brain areas penetrate each other, i.e. merge at a certain depth. Just at this moment arises an action of the united consciousness, which causes the phenomenon of telekinesis, levitation, dowsing, and others. This action is not subjected to the laws of the material world, because only reveal rearrangements that have occurred in the Information world in accordance with the intended goal at consciousness unification.


The first picture on the top presents two individual cells, i.e. two people uniting consciousness. In the center are shown two circles superimposed on each other. This way happens overlapping of two brain areas of individual cells under consciousness unification. The third drawing – represents imposing of two areas of a brain. This is a pointed oval – the symbol of dematerialization and the Transition.



Very clearly the information transmitted by this pictogram presents Jay Goldner by combining the image of individual cell of humanity’ isolated consciousness and the globe.



This is exactly what extraterrestrials wanted to tell us: «The Earth's humanity, you have lived on the planet long and very interesting life, full of anxiety, excitement, joy and happiness, the great losses and great discoveries. On Earth, there was everything – bloody wars and the struggle for peace. There was a lot of love that unites the hearts of people. However, the time has come and all people of Earth have to reveal the desire for the Victory, forged in the hardest fights. Soon will begin global cataclysms of the planet’ destruction. Through the united consciousness humanity has to cause the laser beam for body destruction on the level of global cataclysms in order to make the Transition to the next cycle of life. This Transition is similar to the Phoenix transformation. Feeling his death Phoenix burns himself with his nest and immediately reappears from the ash, but completely renewed. »  Divergent rays in ETC’s symbolic of consciousness represent the laser beams.



To cause the laser beam humanity has to unite consciousness with uniform-resonant medium. Only in such medium of consciousness may be caused a laser beam.



In addition, separate individuals with a high level of consciousness, which has a strong action, have to cause the individual laser beams, as a pilot light. They will be repeatedly amplified by uniformly resonant medium of the united consciousness of humanity and will cover all united cell.



As a result the body at the level of global cataclysms will be destroyed by this laser beam, and at the same moment, a new humanity will reappear again at the Highest level of the material world. This way the General Resurrection will happen, which is described in the Holy Scriptures, and the new cycle of life – the cycle of Corrections will begin.


The time for training of consciousness unification is already clocking. After the second pre-cataclysm, if it does not happen in full force and less than 2 billion people will be lost, it will be necessary to make the same training, but in very short time and under conditions of deep radioactive contamination of the environment.


Beside this, before December 21, 2012 – the date of global cataclysms beginning – will happen the third pre-cataclysm – the most powerful of the three preliminary. Extraterrestrials are warning that after it on Earth will be remained only 1 billion of people who, without any doubts, will be destroyed in the beginning of global cataclysms.


Time inevitably moving us to the date set by extraterrestrial civilizations – September 21, 2012 – the date of the second pre-cataclysm. Humanity has immediately to start training for the unification of consciousness across countries and continents. We have to act before it is too late!



The leadership of the Governments of the world is the main condition of the victory of the Transition. If the Governments do not lead the preparation of civilization for the Transition, the Transition will not happen! And humanity will be destroyed by global catastrophes.


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