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Instructions for the Transition


©Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova



Numerous warnings of extraterrestrial civilizations about global cataclysms beginning through the symbolic of consciousness force mankind to change the usual mode of life and to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world.



Extraterrestrials inform that they will not allow the poles overturn, since otherwise the humanity will be destroyed within fractions of seconds.


The purpose of global cataclysms beginning – the complete destruction of the planet. This is due to the fact that consciousness development on our planet is completely finished, and Earth transfers into the category of «the planets of the past development of consciousness». On Earth will never evolve consciousness, so the planet has to be completely destroyed. Thus, humanity of Earth has to make the Transition through the united consciousness and choose for this purpose one moment of time for all people of the world.


In the solar system remain only two planets of the future development of consciousness – Venus and Mercury. Venus is a planet of nearest future of consciousness development. We will make the Transition to the harmony of Venus after the termination of the cycle of Correction on Earth. Mercury is a planet of distant future development of our consciousness. The Transition to the harmony of Mercury we will make after the perfection of consciousness in the harmony of Venus. In harmony of each of these two planets – Venus and Mercury, we will develop consciousness in two cycles – Consciousness and Correction as well as in the harmony of Earth.


A narrow corridor of time. All training should start and conducted in a very short period of time, because we will have only a very narrow corridor of time after the end of the first and beginning of the second preliminary cataclysms.


However, our Transition has to be made as soon as possible after the first pre-cataclysm, because it is very dangerous to approach close to the date of the second pre-cataclysm. This is due to the risk of destruction of completely ready for the Transition the system of the united consciousness of civilization because of unexpected natural disasters in various parts of the globe. They may happen in the result of a deep restructuring of the planet’ structure before the super-powerful nature phenomenon.


After the second pre-cataclysm will arise strong radioactive contamination of the environment contaminate the environment as a result of the destruction of numerous nuclear power plants located along the way of natural blow. However, this is not the main thing. During the second pre-cataclysmic by a force of nature blow in a few minutes will be destroyed huge number of people.



Remaining number people will not be enough to start up the mechanism of the Transition, i.e. to cause the laser beam for body destruction.


Remained on the planet after the third pre-cataclysm of people will be destroyed by beginning soon global cataclysms. Thus, our civilization may be ruined as consciousness invalid.



5 steps and … the Transition! And it's just only – For Continuation of Life!


The Transition of mankind to the Highest level of the material world into a new cycle of life includes the following steps:

I. To unite consciousness of all mankind in a chosen time, i.e. to «synchronize» consciousness.

II. To set up the uniform goal – to cause a laser beam which will destroy body at the level of global cataclysms.

III. To create homogeneous-resonant structure of the united consciousness of civilization with the greatest force of action.

IV. To create numerous laser beams by consciousness of people with strong action of the united consciousness.

V. Homogeneous resonance structure of the united consciousness of civilizations will repeatedly strengthen numerous laser beams, which will merge into a uniform powerful laser beam of Earth civilization. This beam will destroy our bodies at the level of global cataclysms.


Simultaneously the General resurrection of humanity at the Highest level of the material world will happen. This way the new cycle of life – the cycle of Correction in the harmony of Earth will begin.


Together with mankind the Transition will also make three previous levels of consciousness entering into the united cell of Earth – inorganic nature of planet, plants and animals.



Let's consider prominent features of each stage.



The stages of the Transition


I.Synchronizationof consciousness– three stages


The civilization of Earth forms one cell of consciousness, so we can make the Transition only by combined efforts of all humanity. Nobody can be saved one by one.



It is important to understand that all people of Earth have one destiny – the Transition, or the death in global cataclysms.


Humanity is the only one level of consciousness on Earth, which can form united consciousness. Consciousness of three previous levels – plants, animals and inorganic nature of the planet do not cause action. They are included in the common cell of Earth and will make the Transition into the next cycle of life together with humanity.


The first step for the Transition – is synchronization of consciousness. It includes three stages:

• Synchronization of consciousness by countries;

• Synchronization of consciousness across continents;

Synchronization o fconsciousness of whole civilization.


Governments of the World, as organizers of training for the Transition by countries and continents. Before start of training for the formation of the unification of civilization’ consciousness we have to start up training for the unification of consciousness across countries and continents. Organization of this highly important work, have to lead the Governments of the world. The leadership of the Governments of the world is the main condition of the victory of the Transition. If the Governments do not lead the preparation of civilization for the Transition, the Transition will not happen! And humanity will be destroyed by global catastrophes.


Training schedule for the unification of consciousness at first has to be established for each country. It is necessary to achieve uniform and resonance structure of consciousness. Then expand consciousness unification till the continent. The final stage is the training for unification of planetary consciousness of civilization.



II. A сommon goal– to cause laser beam for body destruction


First of all, should be set up the common goal for all people.



A brief explanation. Each goal causes certain re-arrangements in the human cell at the Information level of the Universe, and the cell structure is rebuilt. As a result of re-arrangements in the material world arises a certain action aimed on the fulfillment of the set goal. For example, if a person wants to fly up, the re-arrangements change gravity, etc.


The Transition to the Highest level of the material world for the continuation of life can only be achieved by a body transformation. This possibility gives a laser beam, which would cause the united consciousness of all mankind.


The goal of each of us – to cause the laser beam that destroys the body at the level of global cataclysms.



However, cause of the laser beam for body destruction at the level of global cataclysms requires a special approach.


«It is not easy – argue very experienced extraterrestrial civilization, – but you can solve this problem. The main difficulty – wide carbon boundary of each cell».



Just the wide border does not allow merge individual information cells at the unification of consciousness and cause powerful action. The border of each cell is not only wide, but hard. Therefore the action of united consciousness is weak.



III. The structure of consciousness – resonant-homogeneous


In order to cause strong powerful action in the form of a laser beam certain conditions are required. The structure of the united consciousness cell has to be resonant. For this purpose, it needs to be homogeneous.



The basis of resonance-homogeneous medium of consciousness is the principle of the relationship between people underlined in the Holy Scriptures: «Love thy neighbor as thyself». For this purpose, the formation of given structure of consciousnessis necessary to carry out by several different meditations, causing love, repentance, forgiveness. By using meditation it is necessary to remove negative thoughts, fear and despair. A very important is the power of desire. People need to understand that we all have one сommon destiny, and together we will win – make the Transition.



Demonstration the power of the laser beam for the Transition. Extraterrestrial civilizations show the power of the laser beam necessary for the Transition. They demonstrate it with a powerful beam of light when the sun reaches zenith in the complex Xochicalco. Usually, the beam of sunlight through a hole in the ceiling is very weak and almost nothing is visible.



The effect of resonance clearly demonstrates a well-known example. A company of soldiers, crossing the bridge by marching step, aroused so strong resonance that the bridge collapsed. After that incident, at passing the bridge the soldiers were forbidden to go in marching step, and ordered to go piecemeal, because in this case the resonance does not occur.



By analogy, at incomplete resonance the united consciousness of civilization will not cause the laser beam.


The civilization active, i.e. the people whose consciousness causes an action, makes only a part of mankind. The united consciousness of many people does not cause an action.


Consciousness not of all people has identica laction it can be strong, medium and weak.

  • People with strong action of the united consciousness have to cause multiple laser beams during the unification of civilization consciousness. However, there are not too many such people on the planet.



  • The majority of humanity with an average and weak action of the united consciousness has to create resonant homogeneous medium, which will multiply increase the power of caused laser beams, which will cover the entire united cell of Earth civilization.



  • Has no action: consciousness of children, because the structure of their information cells is not formed yet.



On the planet there are many mentally disabled people, whose consciousness does not have action also. There are other categories of people whose consciousness has no action.


Today, everyone is counted. It is necessary to stop suicide



The technique of the Transition


Do you know what meditation is?



The technique of unification of humanity’ consciousness with the goal of occurrence of the laser for the Transition to the Highest level of the material world is similar to meditation with one goal – to cause the laser beam for destruction of a body on the level of global cataclysms and the Transition on the Highest level of the material world.



Training should include breathing exercises in order to form the synchronous unification of consciousness of all people in the world. One of the best methods of breathing is the Sudarshan Kriya yoga. It is easy to study and very effective.


The technique is based on the four forms of breathing: Ujjayi, «victorious breath»; Bhastrika, «bellows breath»; the chant of «OM»; and Kriya, «purifying breath». The practice of the Sudarshan Kriya is studded by scientists of famous Medical Schools, such as Columbia University, the New York Medical College, the Harvard Medical School and others. They confirm that Kriya yoga breathing techniques can effectively address symptoms of anxiety and depression.



Together we can build our future


«The main thing is to start training thousands and thousands of other civilizations in the universe get over this barrier, and you'll also overcome it, assure extraterrestrial civilizations. «It only from outside seems insurmountable. It is only necessary to know the features of this process and change your consciousness a little bit. And everything will turn out. Every beginning is difficult».


Our goal is to destroy our body by the united consciousness action in the form of laser beam. This mission is very complicated, but solvable. Extraterrestrial civilizations in thousands of complexes in detail inform mankind how it should be done about the possibilities of our consciousness and the laser beam, the body destruction for the Transition and about the General resurrection.



Extraterrestrial civilizations consider that everyone on Earth should understand deeply the entire process from the beginning up to the end and actively participate in it. Only active participation of each earth dweller will lead to the victory. There is no other way - behind are global cataclysms. We have to act quickly and purposefully.



The prospect of human life on Venus and Mercury


The cycle of Corrections, which we will pass in the harmony of Earth, will last many millions of years. It would be so long that in the Bible about this period of time is told that our life will be immortal.


All this time, at the level of Crystal Structures, where we live now, on Earth will rage global cataclysms of planet’ destruction.



On Venus, at the same time will occur processes of preparation for reception of our life.Venus resembles Earth in many ways, including size. However, it has as well, fundamental differences. For example, Venus rotates in the opposite direction in comparison with the Earth. The differences are caused, above all, by close proximity to the Sun, which creates a higher speed. All the differences of living conditions reveal higher requirements to the level of consciousness.



Thus, Venus is the planet for continuation of the development of human consciousness. By the end of our cycle of Corrections, the atmosphere on Venus will be completely ready for reception of organic life and humanity. And we-mankind, by finishing the cycle Correction in the harmony of Earth, will make the Transition into the cycle of Consciousness in the harmony of Venus. This is next cycle of Consciousness already in higher harmony of another planet – Venus. By the beginning of the cycle of Consciousness on Venus already will appear atmosphere and water, the elements necessary for life.



Our trans-energy descent through sublevels of the parallel worlds of the material world on the level of Crystal structures in the harmony of Venus will begin.



We will not immediately appear on the level of Crystal Structures of Venus, as we live now on Earth. No! Our body does not allow us to get immediately to this level. At the Highest level in the cycle of Correction our body will not only be holographic, but without weight. It is impossible to make the Transition to a level where body should be hard, as we have today.


Our Transition from the harmony of Earth into the harmony of Venus will mean that we are already at Intermediate level of the material world, its highest sublevel. Our body at the time of Transition will gain weight, however will remain in the same holographic state. Our consciousness will obtain incredible properties.


Many millions of years will pass by, and our body gradually will be more and more hardening, and will weight more and more. Our consciousness will lose the opportunity of perception information «thought a thought». We will not pass through walls, because our body will not be holographic, but become hard as it is now. This would mean that we are on the lowest level of the material world in harmony of Venus. On the level of the most intense consciousness of perfection.


And a moment will come when extraterrestrial civilization will warn us that soon on Venus would begin global cataclysms. This will mean that it is necessary, as today, to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world, because our consciousness would reach its highest perfection in the harmony of Venus. And we-humanity once again will delay and pull up to the last, hoping that somehow everything will be managed and we will have nothing to change. However, extraterrestrials will hurry us up with making the decision. And then, finally, we would understand that there is no other way and otherwise we will be destroyed in global cataclysms. So we will make the decision about unification of consciousness and will make the Transition to the Highest level in the cycle of Correction. All these events will occur in the harmony of Venus. Then, all of it will repeat again in harmony of Mercury.


After Mercury, as extraterrestrial civilizations inform us in their pictograms, humanity will make the Transition to another planetary system, with six planets. Since then, the whole civilization will always live in the united consciousness mode, and humanity will fly through the universe.



By this time, almost all planets in the solar system will be destroyed, and it will consist of only a few planets. Its mission of improvement of humanity’ consciousness our planetary system would already fully complete and will be destroyed by special universe mechanisms of cleaning.



Usually this work is done by black holes – vacuum cleaners of the universe.





We all have a common destiny. None of us, no matter what post he holds, and how respected person in the world he is, can not leave the Earth. We are all tied to our planet. And no matter what events will move down to Earth – super solar flare that destroys all living things, or a sudden blow of a huge cosmic body that violates the orbit of Earth and knocking it to an unknown trajectory; the overturn of the poles, destroying organic life and humanity in less than a moment; global cataclysms of the planet destruction, fundamentally changing the face of Earth – we are all going to overpass through them in the same way, regardless of our desires, or ambitions.



Today, our planet is in a supercritical state. Beyond critical reducing of the Earth magnetic field – our only hope and defense, threatening by overturn of the poles and destruction – even this is enough to understand that extraterrestrial civilizations gave us a helping hand at the critical moment of our lives. And we have to use this incredible opportunity.


Let's take off ambitions and return to reality! We can not escape by ourselves. None of us has no chance to survive in this totally hopeless situation. More precisely, we live today yet, and this is the greatest happiness, but, unfortunately, the days of our lives are already clocking – one, two, three ... The situation on the planet is prohibitive – the overturn of the poles is about to happen. Look around – how much has shifted the North Pole to the equator, everyone feels a profound change of climate, due to death of whales and dolphins, the vast flocks of birds... Too many signs today.


Why we do not act? Why, when the bus is just a few minutes late – we are not only outraged, but we break the bus stations to pay attention and punish negligent responsible for schedule people. So, why now is silence and we are playing with time. This time is not someone else's – it's yours and mine – our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren – it's yours and mine future! Why do we not act???


Special appeal to the people who have bunkers of incredible protection and deepness and – even entire fortifications in the mountains. Bunkers will not help. Any of them. Please, understand – the time has come of the begining of the gradual complete destruction of the planet, – regardless whether we will make the Transition or not. And there will be no stop in this process! Not a single moment! It will be only amplified! At the moment of overturning of the poles – in general there is no chance to survive, no matter where people will be on or under the ground – everybody will be destroyed immediately.

Now is the only possible time to make the Transition in the future for all people at once. Your life depends only on the number of people inhabiting the Earth, and the number of people who will participate in the unification of consciousness. If people will not be enough, then nobody can help you. NO ONE!!!


Today – you are the Governments of the world – Presidents and Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens! Your majesty is the genius of your mind, which allows you to instantly evaluate the situation and immediately to make the right decision. Assess the situation now, right now. Look around, think and decide.


Apply maximum power, love, friendship – all qualities in order to explain people the situation. Ask everyone to participate in the unification of consciousness for the Transition. The active of civilization is not too big, and everyone is counted. We must light a laser beam – the torch of the Transition.

After the first preliminary cataclysm, for all our arguments, discussions, solutions, trainings, or just everyday life is left only a narrow corridor of time. The Transition needs to be done on time.

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