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The Civilization of Ghosts

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Extraterrestrials warn about the danger of transfer the Earth civilization successfully prospering today into civilization of ghosts. This will happen if we do not make the Transition in time – before the second pre-cataclysm. After the second pre-cataclysm remaining quantity of people would not be enough to start up the mechanism of the Transition. In the result our civilization will be destroyed by global cataclysms beginning.

Through symbols of consciousness extraterrestrials explain why and how this will happen.

This is the explanation. An Information cell of human being always has a projection in the material world. It is each of us.

We constantly have interaction with our information cell. Even when we drink a cup of coffee this interaction works.
Only by this way consciousness improves. .


At the end of everyone’ life-cycle the connection between information cell and human being brakes and individual dies. At the same time the corresponding layer of this individual cell completely closes and seals.

Строение информационной ячейки объясняет, как появляется приведение

Sometimes interaction between the information cell and its projection in the material world - a human being interrupts suddenly. The sudden interruption is associated with premature termination of human life and does not correspond to the date of his natural death. For example, murder or death in accidents.

As a result, in the cell still remains a part of unlived life, where consciousness should be improved. Cycle of consciousness improvement of this individual is not completed. So, the layer corresponding to termination of individual’s life-cycle is not closed and not sealed.

The information cell of such individual is in a state of stress. According to laws of consciousness development the cell constantly over and over again is trying to form its projection in the material world which was destroyed by unplanned sudden death.

As soon as necessary conditions are formed – the closed space and the absence of air movements, the projection appears. It is not an individual, but his phantom.

This phantom-projection exists constantly, but reveals only under certain conditions. So, this way ghosts appear. Ghosts will appear until the cycle of individual’ life will not end. However, the termination of ghost’s life cycle will already happen under other laws. Famous ghosts in England are Lady Berkeley and Brown Lady. The famous ghost ship «Flying Dutchman» evoked superstition fear of sailors.

So, in order not to transfer to civilization of ghosts it is very important to make the Transition in time, before the second pre-cataclysm. Extraterrestrials inform that our Transition can be made only through the united consciousness of all civilization.

At the information level unification of humanity consciousness can be presented as the following.

The united consciousness of all civilization will cause an action of incredible power revealed as a laser beam. This laser beam will arise inside everyone simultaneously and in the same moment will envelop the whole civilization.



However, it happens if the structure of united consciousness cell of all civilization will be homogeneous-resonant.

Thus, at association of consciousness of mankind in each individual cell a brain area will shift from the center to the cell’ border.

Moreover, through the united consciousness into common cell of civilization will also be included three previous levels of consciousness – objects of non-organic and organic nature.

Areas of  brain of all three previous levels of consciousness can not shift to the boundary of their information cells, as in information cell of human being. So they can not cause an action of the united consciousness. However, their cell’ areas of brain also have some mobility in varying degrees. Therefore, they will create a medium of conductivity necessary for the emergence of a laser beam.

Thus, the laser beam arises at association of consciousness of all civilization. In symbols of consciousness it looks like this:

The laser beam arises at the moment when brain area shifts to already thinning boundary of information cell.

Consequently, the laser beam occurs at the transition from individual consciousness to the unified consciousness of whole of civilization.

Here's how it can be represented by the symbols of consciousness:

As soon as the laser will destroy the body of humanity, our civilization will disappear from the level of crystal structures.

So, the interaction between the cell of the united consciousness and people of Earth civilization will be broken off.

At the same moment at the Highest level of the material world will appear a new projection of the united cell of Earth civilization.

It will be our new body – not crystal and solid as today, but holographic.

So, a legendary bird Phoenix shows a way of eternal renewal of humanity and indicates on the Transition to the next cycle of life.

The crop circle reminding bird Phoenix appeared on July 8, 2006 on fields of Oxfordshire, England and also transmits detailed information about our Transition.

Our new holographic bodies will be without injury and illness in accordance with the Holy Scriptures. It will happen because the new information layer simultaneously will be opened in all cells of Earth civilization. This is the mechanism of the General Resurrection.

The appearance of a ghosts

This information reveals the new laws of human consciousness development. The individual consciousness of each human being of the Earth, as already mentioned, corresponds to the fourth level.

It turns out that humanity consisting of separate individuals, whose consciousness corresponds to the fourth level, at the information level develops in the common cell.


The general cell in which the consciousness of mankind develops, reminds a uniform mycelium. It is interesting to notice that the mycelium’ form is often round and mushrooms grow in it on a circle.

It is a mycelium of mankind consciousness.

Thus, at natural death of individual at the end of his life cycle the interaction between a human and his individual information cell is interrupted. In this case, the last layer of life cycle in the information cell of this individual is completely closed and sealed.

If breakage between an information cell and its projection in the material world – the individual – occurs suddenly there still remains unlived part of the life in which the consciousness is note improved. Therefore last layer isn't closed and not sealed. Since all mankind continues to be at level of Crystal Structures the premature death of separate individuals leads to occurrence of ghosts.


With simultaneous disappearance of all civilization from level of Crystal Structures the uniform cell of mankind is closed and sealed. Hence, there are the processes similar to the timely natural termination of life cycle of people, and no infringements happen.

That is why in the material world transfers and opens a new information layer of the civilization’ cell. That layer, which consciousness was improved in just terminated cycle. This way the General resurrection begins.

Hence, the old body destroyed by illnesses will be dumped, and the new body will be formed from information layer of the previous soul. That's why resurrected people will have no injuries, nor diseases.

ETC warn that if we do not unite consciousness and do not make the Transition in time, our civilization will be destroyed by global cataclysms. So, the life-cycle of all people of our civilization will not be completed. So, our civilization will become the civilization of ghosts.

But not for a long time. Very soon the solar system will be destroyed also by special mechanism of the universe cleaning. Since the process of development of consciousness in it was broken. So, if we fail the Transition the Program of consciousness improvement in the solar system will be interrupted.


ETC transmit this information many times, for example, through the crop circle July 10, 2010 in England.

ETC placed this pictogram near a mysterious place Guys Cliffe, nrOld Milverton, Warwickshire. About this place there are many legends connected with appearing of ghosts in old castles.

Now we understand the anxiety of ETC. We received information which allow to understand that only destruction our body by laser beam at the level of Crystal Structures, will allow to cause the revival of mankind on the Highest level of the material world. ETC confirm that this is the mechanism of the General Resurrection.

After first pre-cataclysm life on Earth will be without money.

The power of this cataclysm in a few minutes will change familiar to us world. Some parts of the planet and even the entire continents will become submerged under the water, while others, conversely, will rise. All of this will be accompanied by incredibly loud noise of shear of tectonic plates. The changes and the enormous loss of people will turn over the consciousness of humanity.

Big destruction of communications - telephone, internet - will lead to a deep panic - people will not understand what is happening on the planet. They will not know what happened to their relatives and friends in other places on Earth - whether they are alive ... There will be a fear - what expects each of us in next moments ... Will all of it or even more strongly be repeated in the next minute?

That's why extraterrestrials are warning that people of the world should be informed about future events and the sequence of cataclysms. It is necessary that everyone on the planet knew that there is a way out of this situation. The only way... With the united consciousness of all people of the world we have to make the Transition to the Highest level of the material world before the second pre-cataclysm.

In addition...

The most valuable is our life. And extraterrestrials call us to do good deeds, helping each other just today. This is very important for everyone. From one hand, the Transition gives us possibility to continue our life. From the other hand the Transition will begin the cycle of Corrections – a new cycle of life, where everyone will be responsible for his actions makes today. So… Do good!


Additional information of the decoding of the pictogram 10 July 2010, at Guys Cliffe Warwickshire, England is presented in the section Decoding of crop circles on our website.

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