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Our sponsors


Without your support we could not continue our work for decoding and presentation of ETC messages – life important information for humanity.

Our work would not be realized, if not strong support and selfless contribution of many people.
We want to express the sincere gratitude to the people helping us to represent the Information, transferred by extraterrestrial civilizations on the eve of the beginning of global cataclysms. These are instructions for mankind’ Transition in a new cycle of life, through association of consciousnesses allowing our civilization to continue life in the conditions of beginning of global cataclysms on our planet.

  • We are sincerely grateful to Yuri Yatsina for the financial support.

  • We are extremely grateful to Denis Kobzarev – young, very talented web master who still till today represents all our materials on a web site free of charge.

  • We are very grateful to the programmer Dmitry Diskin, who is constantly at any time of day and night advising us on emerging questions connected with representation of the information.

  • We are very grateful to Alexander Kubarev for his constant help especially at an incredibly difficult first stages of formation of our work in Russia.

  • Many people give us the permission to use for free their high-quality photo material extremely necessary for decoding of the Information and its vivid memorable presentation. Among them are: Martin Gray (USA) Clark Little (USA), Ilya and Katrin Andreev (USA), Vladimir Senyatkin (USA), Sergey Lyakhovets (Ukraine), Neal Kramer (USA), Steve Alexander and Peter Sorensen (United Kingdom) and other crop circle researches. We express our great gratitude to them. These extraordinarily beautiful photos have adorned our books and articles.

  • We are grateful to the British researcher Lucy Pringle. Her beautiful photos of crop circles made with great precision were for us the base in our research.

  • It was a great pleasure to work with Mark Fussel (England) and his faithful friend Aspen. Presentation of our articles on Crop Circle Connector at website allowed acquainting with our decoding of crop circle a huge audience around the world.

  • We express big gratitude to founders of internet archive of crop circles
    For many years they laboriously collect pictures of crop circles from fields of the whole world which allow us to be guided in the world of crop circles.

  • We are very grateful to the founders and the team of Wikipedia for a huge library of information and photos of excellent quality, which we often used.

We will continue to print the names of our sponsors on our website.


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