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The time delay of the first pre-cataclysm beginning gives humanity a chance to survive

Expected first pre-cataclysm caused by the large jump of magnetic field weakening is temporarily replaced by a relatively small disasters. It is a chance for our civilization to continuation of life. Awareness about the scenario of future events will allow making the Transition in time.

During 15 years extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) acquainted us with the critical situation revealed in climate change, trained in understanding and reading of the information presented by symbolics of consciousness. After the basic information has been presented on a web site, it became necessary to acquaint with it the population of Earth. To attract attention there was a warning about the possibility of a large jump of magnetic field corresponding to the first pre-cataclysm. However, in reality, extraterrestrial civilizations do not think about making the first pre-cataclysm in the pointed period, because the Earth's civilization is not yet completely informed about the scenario of future events. However, in order to show the proximity of the onset of global cataclysms extraterrestrials have replaced the big jump of a magnetic field by a smaller throw, which revealed in the much weaker events.



The purpose of extraterrestrial civilizations to pay attention of people of the Earth on affinity of global cataclysms, their reasons and character, and inevitability of their occurrence. This information is presented on the given site.

Thus, improbable interest has allowed acquainting a part of Earth civilization with the scenario of future events.

Extraterrestrial civilization inform that today the people of Earth have two ways for continuation of life. The first way – the most preferable – a way of fast informing of people of planet about approach of global cataclysms and immediate Transition in the following cycle of life through the united consciousness.

In this case, humanity will not experience irreparable grief of huge losses. Although this is the best way, but the extraterrestrial civilizations are aware that for our civilization with carbon-based life this way is impossible. Carbon forms a wide border of the information cell generating individuality, insensitivity and absence of mutual understanding. The main «stumbling block» which does not allow mankind to make the Transition, is the private property.

According to the second way our civilization will pass through the first pre-cataclysm. Shock and horror will break off deep unity with a private property. Dramatically matured humanity having torn away leading to death the bonds of private property, with a great desire will make the Transition.

However, the second way is dangerous because of big delay in decision-making about the Transition which also can lead civilization to destruction. For this reason extraterrestrial civilizations, having warned mankind about approach of the first pre-cataclysm, haven't spent it, but made a short endurance.

Humanity, excited by the sensational news about close beginning of global cataclysms, will have time to provide this information to the entire population of the globe in super short term.

This decision of extraterrestrial civilizations about the delay of the first pre-cataclysm will help already informed humanity quickly overcome the obstacles associated with the destruction of the communication system.

Thus, the announcement presented on a given site and not carried out the first pre-cataclysm does not mean that it won't take place, and has gone forever. It will certainly happen, but a little bit later. On the contrary, its delay indicates that our civilization is given a great opportunity for the widest warning of people of the Earth about future events.

Our goal is to take advantage of this incredibly short opportunity and spread this information widely among people of Earth.

Since the first way to civilization is impossible, and pre-cataclysms will be caused artificially, extraterrestrial civilizations will necessarily warn about approach of the first of them at least in some hours and you will be informed about it through our website.


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