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Decoding of the crop circle 20th July 2011 Dovendale Longbarrow,
nr Louth, Lincolnshire

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

Hoaxes destroy our future. It is important to note that especially recently there is a huge amount of fake crop circles made by people – hoax. Crop circles made by ETC are a form of their communication with Earth dwellers. Crop circles transfer emergency information and, therefore, very vital to humanity. Hoaxes not allow properly navigate in emerging situation and react in a timely manner. Therefore hoax can lead not only to serious consequences, but to destruction of all civilization in coming cataclysms.

Some elements of this pictogram, as well as the technique of its manufacture indicate the possibility of hoax. However, let’s read this crop circle in terms of symbolic consciousness of extraterrestrial civilizations.


Summary. The pictogram indicates that in the nearest future humanity has to change the mode of consciousness and to transfer from individual consciousness to the unified. We have to make the Transition because of starting very soon global cataclysm of our planet destruction.

Unification of civilization’ consciousness will allow making the Transition to the next cycle of life.

In the center of the pictogram is shown an individual cell with a small brain area. This is an image of a human being at the Information level of the Universe.

The brain area of the cell crosses an image of the hysteresis loop.


Hysteresis loop characterizes the properties of the ferromagnetic Earth’s core and informs about the state of our planet magnetic field. The appearance of hysteresis loops in crop circles means the next jump to its decreasing.

Twice a year – in spring and autumn the degree of weakening Earth's magnetic field is revealed in the increasing size of the ozone hole appearing over the Antarctic – the South Pole of the planet. Just in these time it is possible to determine how weak is the magnetic frame protecting our lives from deadly cosmic radiation.

Hysteresis loop and its beak in recent years most often arise in crop circles.

On both sides of hysteresis loop are placed two identical bright figures. Each of them is half of the hysteresis loop. Put together, they also provide a complete picture of the hysteresis loop.

Similar figures are also located inside of the central circle. Each pair of these figures placed inside of the circle and from both sides of the hysteresis loop represents the Principle of the united consciousness formation. This Principle represent also three circles arranged in a line – the central, marked in red and two side circles – marked in blue.

Hysteresis loops indicate the beginning of global cataclysms and three preliminary cataclysms of incredible strength which will occur before them.

From scientific point of view the beginning of global cataclysms at the critical magnetic field decreasing explains the Barkhausen effect. According to this effect on the increasing and decreasing branches of hysteresis loop, there are sections of the spontaneous magnetization. This means the appearance of spontaneous magnetization jumps at achieving the certain value of the magnetic field called a «field of start.»  Additional information is presented in our video:
2012. Our Transition. Part 14. Earth magnetic field threatens

These jumps at the macro level of Earth surface manifested by earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and other natural disasters.

The strength of natural blows would be incredible, because the purpose of global cataclysms is gradual destruction of our planet. It means that Earth came to old age and on our planet will never develop an organic nature and human being.

Gradually, over millions of years our planet under constant attacks of global cataclysms will become similar to Mars. The destruction of the planet will continue. Only mechanisms of planet’s destruction will be changed their – earthquakes and break of the earth' crust gradually will level the planet's surface. Emerge and begin to grow winds.

This crop circle appeared on the field, near Tathwill Neolithic Long barrow. Let’s consider the reason why this crop circle is placed near the long barrow.

Neolithic Long Barrow

Tathwell Long Barrow

Researches note that «this is wide and long trapezoidal mound - 32 feet long and 16 feet wide - is located on the northern slope of the valley that overlooks the head of a tributary of the River Lud. It is badly overgrown and damaged by the activity of rabbits. This heavily overgrown mound damaged activity of rabbits».

Height of its southern end is between 1.6 to 2 meters, although it decreases in size to less than half a meter to the north. Its location in the middle of a field makes access difficult if the field is under crop.


Trapezoidal shape of the mound represents the expansion of the cell’s brain area when the mode of consciousness changes from individual to the united. That is why the crop circle is located in this place.

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