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Solved mystery of Wiltshire county

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

For a long time researchers have paid attention that crop circles most often appear in county Wiltshire in England … But why? …

Everybody knows about the megaliths of Wiltshire – Great Stonehenge, Avebury stone circles, barrow-pyramid Silbury Hill… It turned out, that just these megaliths have the direct connection with crop circles. Megaliths attract crop circles to themselves. You do not believe?

In the county Wiltshire already many millennia ago extraterrestrial civilization (ETC) have created huge complexes transferring vitally-important information for humanity. These complexes – Stonehenge, Avebury stone circles and Silbury Hill are composed on the main symbols of the System of information transmission (SIT) of ETC, and now are used to negotiate with Earth dwellers. Today they are the basic symbols of crop circles – information cells, a crescent of united consciousness, etc. and serve for transfer to us emergency life-saving information.

Crop circles near Silbury Hill, 2000 Crop circles near Stonehenge, 1996

Now it is clear why in the county Wiltshire appears the greatest quantity of crop circles. Extraterrestrial civilizations, printing crop circles-pictograms near to these complexes-symbols, pay to them our attention. So, ETC explain, that already over 5 thousand years ago dramatic situation which has arisen on Earth today in connection with a critical decrease of the planet's magnetic field had been known to them. Constructed by ETC in county Wiltshire the main symbols of crop circles are symbols of consciousness unification for the Transition in the next cycle of a life.

Fortunately, in order to solve the Wiltshire mystery it is not necessary to plunge into thickness of millennia to Neolith epoch when these megaliths have been created. Everything will be understandable by over viewing these monuments from ETC symbols of consciousness point of view. Let's make a tour to these megaliths of Wiltshire…


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