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The System of the Universe

The System of the Universe consists of three levels. Decoding of crop circles through ETC symbolic is the entrance to the new for humanity world of the Universe – the Information – world of consciousness. The material world is the system of parallel worlds. We live on the lowest level of them.

Life-cycles of humanity

The complete life-cycle of mankind consists of two cycles – the Consciousnesses and the Corrections. In the Consciousness cycle today we make decisions. In the Correction cycle a forced correction by fire will happen. It is hell and paradise. Do good today – very little time is left!

Five levels of consciousness in the universe

All ETC messages are about consciousness. In the universe five levels of consciousness develop. First and second levels correspond to inorganic nature of stars and planets. Third level of consciousness corresponds to organic nature of planets. Fourth level – to individual consciousness of human being. Fifth the highest level is the united consciousness of mankind.

Carbon – the basis of our life

ETC in thousands of crop circles inform that the structure of individual information cell of human being is determined by features of carbon. Carbon is a basis of life on Earth. In the universe civilizations with different basis of life, for example, silicon also exist. Consciousness of these civilizations is more perfect, and cell each of them has a thinner border. It allows caring out deeper unification of consciousness necessary for teleportation at flights in the universe.

Autobiography of ETC

ETC presented their autobiography in crop circles and the Nazca Lines pictograms. ETC has passed consciousnesses perfection already on eleven planets. Their mission is unification of consciousness in the universe.

Principle of ETC communication

ETC presented their principle of communication in the crop circle – the answer to Arecibo message. This principle is based on the united consciousness action. ETC cannot speak and communicate by thought-thought only.

Information Technologies

All ETC objects are created by information technology based on the united consciousness action. So, in merge of huge blocks borders are revealed properties of the Information world in which there is neither space, nor time. The united consciousness action transfers objects to another higher sublevel of the material world to change the gravity, i.e. weight of objects and other properties.




How the Universe Was Born

The Big Bang designated the beginning of the universe new cycle– its birth. A huge block of ordered part of the Information world about 14 billion years ago simultaneously transferred into the material world. The universe is a unified system of consciousness perfection and its unification.

Why Galaxies Run Away

At transition of information area into the material world always the process of transformation of information clot in material objects happens. This process of stratification and expansion we also observe today in the Universe as run away galaxies. Thus, our universe is expanding.


In the visible part of the universe, as scientists note, over 90% of stars are the same size as the sun. These stars of medium size can form planetary systems where matured consciousness of mankind like us will gradually develop. This is the spring of the universe, when in galaxies buds of consciousness blossom.


The universe is a set of various mechanisms of consciousness improvement on strict algorithms. Stars-men do not form planetary systems, but stars-women like our sun create them. Objects get to the Energy dump and the Cemetery of planets after the end of the cycle of consciousness development. Black holes are vacuum cleaners of the universe.


Two groups of planets in the solar system - terrestrial and gas are planets of past, present and future development of consciousness. Planets of the past where consciousness had already developed include gas planets – Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and also Pluto and Mars. Planet of the present is the Earth. Planets of the future development of consciousness - close and far – are Venus and Mercury.

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