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Great love can stop coronavirus pandemic immediately


Dear friends,

You can’t even imagine how powerful the consciousness of mankind is!

Each of us, if we really want to, can instantly at any second stop the coronavirus pandemic. But there are almost 8 billion of us!

Imagine the power of consciousness we possess!

The strength of our consciousness is limited only by the rigid and wide carbon boundaries of individual cells. These wide, rigid rings distance us from each other.

The boundaries of individual cells of our consciousness can be softened only by sincere, comprehensive, all-powerful love.

If you really want and can embrace by sincere love all people of Earth, then we will stop coronavirus immediately.

Imagine that our beloved, who no longer have a hope for recovery, will instantly be cleansed, become healthy, and we can do this all together today. Our consciousness has such an incredible power of action! You just need to cause her.

Although today the entire civilization of 8 billion does not take part in the worldwide prayer-meditation, but the strength of only our love can be enough.

Let's a few minutes before the start of the worldwide prayer-meditation relax, lower our shoulders and imagine an unusual picture of love, kindness and peace for all the people of the Earth.

And exactly at 6 o'clock we will begin the all-conquering world prayer-meditation.

Imagine what happiness will experience each of us, saving lives of our loved ones. Let's make every effort of our soul to stop coronavirus pandemic immediately, with just one prayer-meditation.

The duration of the world prayer-meditation is 30 minutes.


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