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Basics of the world prayer-meditation:

Stop coronavirus pandemic


Dear friends!


Our world prayer-meditation will surely stop coronavirus pandemic, because the unification of consciousness with a single goal causes an action - this is the main law of the united consciousness.


The goal of the world prayer-meditation is to stop coronavirus pandemic.


The following conditions must be met.


1. Before the prayer-meditation begins, repeat the goal – stop coronavirus pandemic and remember the goal all the time.

2. It is necessary to cause a strong action. For this purpose:

Big number of people should participate in the world prayer-meditation.

Love must be in the heart of each of us. Love will greatly enhance the action of the united consciousness.


If someone has hate in their heart, then consciously overturn it to love. Open your heart for love, because many of us will lose loved ones. You must love the whole world, because each of us helps each other to save our loved ones.


Everyone can pray or meditate in his own way. It doesn’t matter what words or prayers each of us will say. The main thing - they must come from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, prayers are better - these are special holy words.


World prayer-meditation will be held daily at the same time at 6:00:00 pm Moscow time until we stop coronavirus pandemic.

Please, spread this information widely.

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