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Decoding pictogram 15th August Jubilee Plantation, nr Cherhill, Wiltshire, England

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2011

Summary. The crop circle informs about the necessity of immediate formation of civilization’ united consciousness for the Transition, because of soon beginning of global cataclysm in the result of critical weakening of Earth magnetic field.

The pictogram shows an individual cell of a human being with a wide border. As it is noted, the individual cell – is a presentation of a human being at the Information level of the Universe.

A wide border points on incredible complexity of forming of the united cell of Earth civilization. ETC show that a wide border will not allow unification of civilization’ consciousness in the usual mode, since the boundaries of all cell have to be dissolved. The pictogram shows that this is impossible. Unification of civilization’ consciousness requires special conditions that will destroy all boundaries of human’ information cells by an external energy source. It can make only laser beam caused by the action of united consciousness of humanity.

The laser beam has to be caused by the united consciousness of Earth civilization

The internal structure of cells on the pictogram is represented by three levels of five-pointed stars - yellow, green and pink. In this case, each row contains two shifted relative to each other five-pointed star - red and blue.

Five-pointed star represents the fifth level of consciousness – the united consciousness of mankind. Dual five-pointed stars, placed at every level, demonstrate the united consciousness of two people.

Multi-level combination of all these stars forms a complex mosaic that includes the image of diamonds of various sizes, which are also the symbolic of Earth magnetic field. The whole mosaic is transparent, pointing on beyond critical weakening of Earth's magnetic field. The ornament contains also numerous triangles of different sizes and configurations. As well as three levels of five pointed stars triangles represent three previous levels of consciousness included in individual cell of a human being corresponding to nonorganic and organic nature.

This part of the crop circle informs about the necessity to change an individual mode of consciousness to the united mode. Multilevel pattern indicates that the association of consciousness should cover the entire civilization of Earth.

From individual consciousness to the united consciousness of all civilization

The pictogram finishes the outer layer, consisting of five half-moons, like a turban - a headdress of the eastern khan. Number five indicates the united consciousness of civilization. In this case, the pictogram shows even greater expansion of the brain area of an individual information cell.

The principle of the united consciousness

The symbol next to the crop circle reveals the main condition for unification of human consciousness - the Principle of the united consciousness. In the center is located a circle presenting a brain area of united cell; to its two sides are joined two straight lines lying on one straight line. Each of these lines ends by a semicircle. On the one hand, this way is illustrated the Principle of the united consciousness. On the other hand it shows the expansion of the cell’ brain area which occurs at the unification of consciousness.


The border of individual information cell

Ornament applied on the wide border of the information cell also repeats the Principle of the united consciousness. By analogy with the crop circle July 15, 2011 Wiltshire, England a border of individual cell is tremendously underlined, emphasizing the carbon basis of our life on planet Earth.  This information is presented in details in our previous article .  

15 August 2011, Wiltshire                                                     25 July 2011, Wiltshire

Ornament applied on a wide cell’ border consists of double squares, each of which represents the brain area of individual cell. Double squares represent the Principle of the united consciousness

Double squares also form a long rectangle, which indicates a shift of a brain area, which accompanies the unification of consciousness.

Reading of ETC pictograms remind decoding of messages of signs seem funny dancing men, who have read Sherlock Holmes. Having found the key and read messages, Sherlock Holmes prevented crime and murder. Mankind, received the key to ETC pictograms will deeply understand the warning about the beginning of global cataclysms and the only way for prolongation of life.

Knowing the analog and digital codes and reading ETC messages humanity will understand their warning about the beginning of global cataclysms. Through ETC instructions Earth civilization has a chance to continue life. We are the last, the best generation of civilization – the generation of the Transition.


The crop circle points on extremely wide border of our individual information cells. This means great difficulty of forming the united consciousness cell of Earth civilization. However, ETC inform about immediately necessity to form the unified consciousness of civilization for the Transition, since soon beginning of global cataclysms associated with the critical weakening of Earth's magnetic field.

Multi-level five-pointed stars within a cell indicate the need for unification of consciousness of civilization. Unified consciousness corresponds to the highest fifth level.

In the previous crop circle July 25, 2011 Wiltshire ETC also paid attention to the wide border of our individual cells.

The necessity of consciousness unification ETC show in five crescents, reminding a turban.


Today is unusual situation – very short period of time before the global cataclysm beginning. The date of start up this event is known as the end of Mayan calendar – the ETC calendar! In one of them is shown the shift of information cell’ brain area at the united consciousness formation necessary for our Transition in the next cycle of life.

ETC just they give us a date because the beginning of all these events – three pre-cataclysms and the global are caused artificially. By creating certain regularity of cataclysms beginning ETC are saving life of our civilization. More detailed and additional information is presented in our website   So, all these events will start up in chosen day and hour.

Consequently, the time to make our decision about the Transition is left less and less. This is the time between the end of the first pre-cataclysm and before the second. The first pre-cataclysm, as understood ETC, should be necessarily required – now a lot of people do not want to change anything. Nobody knows the power of approaching natural phenomena.

The main blow of the first pre-cataclysm will be directed to the eastern coast of North America

People think that somehow someone can escape. Of course, not everybody, but some people can be saved. However, ETC say strongly - NO! In the global cataclysms may survive only entire civilization, making the Transition to the next level of the material world in harmony of Earth through the united consciousness. We'll prolong our life, but our body will be not as dense as it is now but holographic. That's all what required!

In order to demonstrate the power of natural phenomena, which will start everywhere of Earth, ETC have to start up the first pre-cataclysm. This, of course, is very sad for them because of huge people’s losses in a few minutes. But there is no other way. Otherwise the global cataclysm beginning will perish all civilization of Earth during a few minutes. ETC have no choice. But we have!

So, please, help as soon as possible spread info about scenario of global cataclysms beginning as widely as you can.  The main idea of coming events scenario: before global cataclysms three preliminary cataclysms will happen. This is due to the fact that the first pre-cataclysm would destroy the system of communication – telephone and Internet. Restore it will not be easy and we lose a lot of time. So, not informed part of civilization would not understand what happened and for a long time will live in chaos, the consequences of which will undoubtedly be very sad – suicide and much more. It is necessary to foresee it.

That is why the ETC can not start the first pre-cataclysm before the whole civilization will not be informed about the events. But the date of global cataclysms beginning is already determined!

After that date, an extremely low value of the magnetic field will no longer be under power of ETC united consciousness. So, global cataclysms will begin.

We have to spread info about the scenario of global cataclysms beginning!

We need to make the Transition in time, despite the breakage of communication. We have extremely short time - just a few months, and an enormous amount of work. Extraterrestrials inform that for the Transition humanity’ consciousness has to cause a laser beam. A laser beam can cause only uniform resonant medium of civilization’ consciousness. And it is very difficult to realize.

It is necessary to carry out repeated attempts, first by country, then by continent, and then we have to unite consciousness of all civilization. It will be required very long and laborious work of all people of Earth, as uniform community. Be very long and laborious work once all the people of Earth as a unified community.

We have to do everything to spread widely this warning information to all people of Earth. And the earlier we will make it, the more time remains for all civilization’ trainings and Transition.


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